Some of the most famous kisses football

Some of the most famous kisses football
The famous celebration between Maradona and Caniggia when both were active in Boca Juniors (

In the pre-new Classic, with the free online betting To flower of skin, Barcelona woke up with a new graffiti on the streets. It was a kiss between Pique and Ramos painted by TVboy. It was not the first time the famous graffiti artist, Sicilian who lives in Barcelona, Drew fraternal messages when (low) brotherhood between him Real Madrid and Barcelona Football Club had endangered. TVboy and drew Kisses between Mourinho and Guardiola at a time when the contact lip possibly was the most complicated of the universe.

We also left the image of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo kissing in full battle for the umpteenth Golden Ball. possibly The classic with greater political connotations, Tvboy steepled snouts Pique and Ramos, symbols of Catalonia "especialita" and Spain "Cani".

Besos Classic

Pulling hemeroteca, we found several Kisses in the ranks of Real Madrid and Barca. Stoichkov He hulled him a kiss on the mouth to Koeman after winning the first desired European Cup. The orejona cup also put to Tiernitos Xabi Alonso already Steven Gerrard. They were acts of temporary insanity at times of extreme happiness. But nevertheless, and any mosquea by reincidente, as in the case of Maradona. The "fluff" kissed Claudio Caniggia in mouth, Boca Juniors say, during a match winning River, but also Carlos "El Apache" Tevez in training, and that already sounds like a vice.

Beso Stoichkov Koeman
The kiss between Stoichkov and Koeman one of the most memorable of football.
Maradona kisses
Maradona, one of the players more 'jawfish'.

Returning to Kisses of Barca-Real Madrid, missing do, There is no doubt that Sergio Ramos It is the most emblematic player of the set merengue. But nevertheless, on the side the cules doubts could arise. One may think that TVboy I found something Messi short to kiss Ramos, Busquets seems more than piquitos, or that Suarez is more biting.

graffiti tvboy
Graffitti of tvboy in Barcelona. This time the 'lovers’ Mourinho and Guardiola are on one side and Messi and Cristiano other.

In any case, should not stop clapping initiatives like this, or those telephone calls between Xavi and Casillas. In fact, They have already emerged voices proposing to further the brilliant artistic idea to merge these two passions, kisses and soccer. Voices calling for TvBoy a fraternal morreo between Shakira and Pilar Rubio. A snog in which it is impossible to choose sides.

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