Ana Carmona 'Nita', the woman who posed as a man to play football

Ana Carmona 'Nita', the woman who posed as a man to play football
'Nita' forming more like a man in the rows of the Velez C.F. (Photo: The Spanish)

The Women's Football it is fashionable and being a woman does not stop you practice this sport today. But nevertheless, in Spain for 1920 Y 1930 things were very different as shown in the case of women who stars this article.

The first women's soccer team was born in Barcelona in Spain, in 1914. The Spanish Girls and is a club formed and linked to RCD Spanish. The expansion of the sport among women in those years of the early twentieth century is very limited, and focused only three cities: Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid. The parties are punctual and clubs have a short life. Amateur sport football women must resign themselves to see men play.


It was not the case Ana Ruiz Carmona "Nita", an incredible story brought to light by the journalist Jesús Hurtado. Born in Malaga 16 May 1908. In 1925 the esplanade near the artillery barracks, in the neighborhood of the Capuchins, that young people of the time was used as a field of different sports and games, including football, becomes the football field Salesian Schools. There, a Galician priest, Francisco Miguez Fernández, creates the Sporting de Málaga and seeing the enthusiasm and desire of the girl, Nita allows part of the team.

But, so that the youth could play football in those pre-Civil War times, where legislation was blunt regarding the prohibition on women and men to participate in mixed teams of any sport, choose, with the complicity and support of the club masseur, Juan Marcheante, mislead the respectable, rivals and even his own teammates, at least most of them.

Nita, begins first as an assistant and as head masseuse washing the shirts of the players and taking clear that its role could not be reduced to that, devise a plan with the complicity, as well, his grandmother Ana. hair cut like a man, wig used in everyday life to "increase" their femininity, also using it in his role as assistant woman Marcheante. To play only those games played away games, they were far enough from the neighborhood Capuchins or where there was no wardrobe (something that was not complicated at that time) and she appeared with her short hair, disguising their breasts compressing maximum bandages and using, as a player, the name of Veleta.

NITA is discovered and punished

But Nita, after playing numerous meetings, He was betrayed by someone who finally recognized, prompting was arrested and fined. The father Míguez He was called to order and she had to leave Malaga, with pain, the club he loves.

But the threats and sanctions failed to stop their desire to play football and Veleta He chose to do it outside the city of Malaga, He tested and was booked by Vélez CF, where always he came in his role as man, until he was discovered and arrested again shortly before the outbreak of the national contest that shook Spain in 1936. The Civil War also end the Sporting de Málaga, to be shot creator and engine of the club, the father Míguez.

Apartada and football, Nita, died in his hometown to 32 years, in 1940, suffering from typhus. She was buried with T-Shirt Sporting de Málaga. The club that made her happy. Without knowing it, He did a great job for women's football and the presence of women in the sport of football.

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