When Atlético de Madrid played in a white shirt

When Atlético de Madrid played in a white shirt
Initial formation of Atlético de Madrid, with white t-shirt, before the Cup final 1956 (As)

White T-shirt Y Atletico Madrid are two things that do not even stick. The mattress team and its fans have always rivaled their Real Madrid neighbors, quintessential white team. But nevertheless, there was a day in which the rojiblancos went out to play a game with the jacket of the color of the eternal rival. It wasn't just any game, much less.

The 24 June 1956 it was disputed, precisely at the Real Madrid stadium, the end of the Copa del Generalissimo between the two athletes, the one from Bilbao (at that time Atlético de Bilbao) and the one in Madrid. When Basques and Madrileños faced each other, one of them was wearing his white and blue alternative shirt, style of Blackburn Rovers, which was his first outfit, while the other used the red and white.

But nevertheless, this time, those of San Mamés wore their classic t-shirt while the Atletico Madrid jumped onto the pitch with White T-shirt and blue pants. Of course, did not bode well for what was to happen soon after.

The Atlético de Bilbao era, a priori, favorite in that final. Not in vain, the Lions they had players who had already been Cup champions at least once and, in some case, more than one. further, the basques were the reigning league champion. Quite the contrary that the Atletico Madrid, with high quality footballers but only one Cup champion in their ranks.

The eleven presented by the Bilbao team consisted of 11 Biscayan footballers: Carmelo; Oriya, Garay, Canito; Mauri, Maguregui; Arteche, Marcaida, Arieta, Uribe and Gaínza. The people of Madrid formed with: Pazos; Martin, Heriberto Herrera, Verde; Cobo, Hernández; Miguel, Molina, Peiro, Augustine and Necklace.

Up to Madrid some 20.000 Basque fans who filled the city and the stands with colors that would later be baptized as Santiago Bernabeu. Even though Molina ahead of Atlético de Madrid, Arteche Y Maguregui they turned the scoreboard to give the 19th Cup to the Bilbao team. The lions widely dominated the cup winners at that time.

That afternoon, with White T-shirt, the Atletico Madrid fell defeated. logically, never used it again. We would have to wait until 1960 to see the rojiblancos (this time yes) win your first cup. It was, precisely, against Real Madrid and also at the Santiago Bernabéu. A good way to forget that bad drink of 1956.

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  1. I remember that at the time of BANDAI and Juan Eduardo Esnáider my Atleti came to play at least one game with white pants; What I no longer know is whether it was in national or international competition

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