Why errors Goalkeepers are called 'sung'?

Why errors Goalkeepers are called 'sung'?
"In the Real Betis field, Zubi will sing" It was quite a popular song in the 90 (cordópolis)

In the world of football we are tired of hearing certain expressions. One of them, It is referenced to the errors of goalkeepers, known as sung. But nevertheless, As you can imagine, everything has a beginning and an explanation and, this case, is no exception.

Many years before the arrival of Gullit, moneybags O Van Basten, Milan already had the Dutch in their ranks. In 1906 he signed his first player of that nationality, François Knoote. Dutch, besides being international goalkeeper in his country, It was an opera singer of some prestige despite his youth. He had performed in many countries and renowned theaters as the Metropolitan Opera in New York. His arrival in Milan was due, precisely, to your interest in improving and optimizing your vocal qualities, enrolling at the prestigious conservatory of the city transalpina.

Aware of their arribada to the Italian city, Brothers Pirelli, back then still on the team Red-black (They would later be one of the founders of the Inter, specifically in 1908), They convinced him to play with the AC Milan. The only condition that the Dutch goalkeeper put in was that, however it prioritized music football, rainy days he would not contest any party, in order to take care of your voice.

To this end, day meeting consulted the barometer was located in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. If this rain was predicted substitute, Attilio Trerè, the playing. But the reliability of the barometer was not absolute and, so, sometimes, failed.

An afternoon, disputed the Milan a friendly match against another team in the same northern Italian city. The footballers noticed an unusual commotion in the attending public and, surprised, they realized that their goalkeeper was not. The rain appeared and the goalkeeper ran to the locker room in order to protect himself from it and safeguard his voice, leaving the team with a reduced squad: The goalkeeper! .

Fifteen minutes passed until the rain stopped and the doorman (at a time when they could not make changes) he returned to the pitch. At the end of the meeting, his teammates reproached the Dutchman for his "temporary desertion" in the middle of the game. Knoote was blunt: "Goalkeeper game, but I'm a singer ".

Karius Liverpool
The troops, Liverpool goalkeeper, apologizes to his fans after the Champions League final against Real Madrid in which two sung his two goals cost (The Journal)

From that moment, porters fail are 'singers’ and failures 'sung'. Today we found it appropriate to recall the origin of this popular expression in the world of football.

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