Carlos Humberto Caszely, 'Manager’ the goal

Carlos Humberto Caszely, 'Manager’ the goal
Caszely celebrates his goal against Barca Espanyol's victory marked by a strong 3-0 in 1976 (Pinterest)

When we talk about Carlos Humberto Caszely we do it one of the best players in the history of Chile. The striker is one of the legends Colo Colo, not in vain, is the top scorer in the club's history with 208 goals scored.

But today we will focus on Caszely stage in the Spanish league, where he wore the jersey of RCD Espanyol (by then Spanish) who came from the Levante UD In the season 1975-1976.


Granota club was responsible for giving the first opportunity in Europe to Chile. Surprising that Levante he was able to get one of the best American players militating in Second Division but it was. Specific, He was president grade Torralba in charge of buying Caszely by 8 million pesetas becoming one of the media signings in the club history Orriols.

Caszely at Levante UD
Caszely's shirt Levante, club that gave him a chance in the Spanish League (Photo: Levante UD)

Barca shirt got 15 Second Division goals but the team descended to Third Division. The surprise was that despite the decline, the player continued in the team. In fact, Caszely played the World 1974 with Chile granota being a footballer.


But nevertheless, the Levante not won promotion that season as he lost in promoting rise against Deportivo Alavés Grau Torralba and was forced to pass on to its star the RCD Espanyol what did you pay 25 million for. Thus, granota entered the club money to their coffers battered.

Until then everyone knew Caszely as 'The Chinese’ but the striker was in charge of changing the nickname in his presentation as new player parakeet club. “In a company there are workers and managers, I'm in charge of making goals so I'm the manager”. And with that he stayed.

In Sarria he played for 3 seasons at a good level. In fact, in his first season he managed 13 goals in 21 matches (It took to debut because it was in the process of obtaining dual Chilean / Spanish nationality). That season the Whites thanks to a great end of season Caszely scorer He managed to qualify to contest the UEFA Cup.

Chile's performance declined in both his second and his third season as españolista but always be remembered for being a great scorer during his time both in America and in Spain. He hung up his boots in the ranks of Barcelona Guayaquil from Ecuador

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