Carlos Muñoz, one of the best strikers in the history of Real Oviedo

Carlos Muñoz, one of the best strikers in the history of Real Oviedo
Carlos Muñoz was one of the best Spanish strikers of his time. PHOTO: Brand

Carlos Muñoz Cobo, better known as Carlos, is one of the best footballers in the history of Real Oviedo.

The striker became one of the greatest scorers of Spanish football in the early 80 Y 90. He first played in the subsidiary Barca and after passing through several teams of First Division as Elche, Hercules and Real Murcia, he joined Real Oviedo with which Second Division top scorer was proclaimed in the season 1987-1988.

This helped him to sign for Atletico Madrid with whom he had another opportunity to stand out in the First Division but again did not work and returned to the oviedistas rows where definitely exploded during 7 consecutive seasons in which swelled to score goals in both League and Cup getting to dispute European competition with the team carbayón.

Carlos Muñoz and Carlos Tartiere

The fans of Real Oviedo It is one of the most loyal and passionate Spanish football is something they know very well the players who over the years have worn the shirt carbayona.

Carlos Muñoz was an idol for the supporters, however, also had its pluses and minuses. It appears in a game the public was not too happy with his performance so some whistle to the player who scored a goal soon after and spent several marl cuts off bounds heard. Of course, the gesture did not please the fans who booed the front whenever he touched the ball.

But Carlos He ended with those whistles in the best way. Scoring another goal and making peace with its people. The attacker got his second goal and went to midfield to 4 obeisance to the four steps of the old Carlos Tartiere to apologize while praying “motherfuckers, motherfuckers, motherfuckers”. Stuff the heat of the moment, Of course, one of the best strikers in the history of Real Oviedo.

Carlos Muñoz
A Real Oviedo lineup 1994-95 with Carlos Muñoz with players like Oli, Prosinecki, Berto, Cristobal and Mora among others. PHOTO: Brand

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