historical clubs who have never won a title

historical clubs who have never won a title
Craven Cottage, mythical stadium where Fulham plays its games.

In the world of football there are a number of teams 'historic' called. Either by his greatness as a club, by number of fans or his belt, the list is endless. But nevertheless, Today we review some of the historical clubs who have never won a title, or rather, none of some importance.


When you hear the name of the Fulham FC immediately think of one of the historic clubs in English football. The London club was founded in 1879 making it the oldest city. But nevertheless, your hobby never been able to hold any title or national nor European.

It is true that in the year 2002 was able to win the Intertoto Cup, UEFA competition entitling to play European competition. The closest he has been to win a title was in season 2009-2010 when he lost the final of the Europa League against him Atletico Madrid.


The Italian team is also one of the historic clubs Calcium. Not in vain, its founding date 1896 and it is one of the regulars in the A series. But nevertheless, nor their fans have enjoyed success honeys as major trophies.

A runner-up league (1954-1955) and another Cup (1922) They are best records. yes, equal to Fulham, won the Intertoto in the year 2000.


A classic Spanish football. The Galician team has brought together great players and had a great time of splendor in which he came to dispute Champions League. But nevertheless, that another who, Today, It not has been able to celebrate a title with your hobby.

Up to three times reached the Cup final, but all was defeated (1947-1948, 1993-1994 Y 2000-2001). that if, to the like previous, he managed to raise a Intertoto Cup in the year 2000.


Another historic Spanish League. The Real Sporting He has been very close to winning both the League and Cup in his country but both stood at the gates. He lived his best moments in the late 70 and early 80. He was runner-up in the campaign League 1978-1979 and he disputed two end in coperas 1980-1981 Y 1981-1982. further, He has played in 6 European competition occasions.



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