Tips for playing any Fantasy Football League

Tips for playing any Fantasy Football League
The Fantastic League evolved with new technologies and new times. PHOTO: Todocolecció

Soccer competitions are entering a hot moment, and with them, fans can both follow the dynamics of their teams and enjoy directing their combined in any Fantasy Football League. Becoming a manager is something that I like since those times of the creation of the Fantastic League, how good memories attract retro fans. Now, with Internet, we can compete in group leagues with people who live far away. On websites like modern football we can find this fun option that also helps to keep up to date with what is happening in the world of football.

At the user's disposal there are various platforms such as LaLiga Fantasy Marca, Biwenger, Futmondo O Comunio. Each one has its own characteristics to take into account, although there are a series of tips that can be followed for any application that is used; either with the group of friends or in public groups.

The first general advice is precisely know the specific. Analyze the scoring system used by the platform on which the team will be shaped. How is it valued, what criteria are followed and how to apply the strategy to the bids according to the budgets in each place. Information is power, and in fantasy football even more. That is why it is also convenient to follow specialized portals in the analysis of modern football.

Study the streaks

It is a classic that the day before the start of each day you have to review the line-up, to check injured, sanctioned, returns to the calls. This is also a good time to analyze the streaks of the players we have in the squad, at least see how they are valued in the last 3 O 4 journeys. This applies both to each player individually and to their team's streak.. The state of mind and form at the end influences the score, and we must prevent bad streaks from hurting what is selected.

The field factor

It is a classic concept of football that must be taken into account in the virtual. Because in the end it is based on the physical and it is known that the tendency is that a team that plays at home usually, throughout the season, add more points, scoring more goals and conceding less than when playing away. further, it is common for those at home to play with more ‘daring’ and the outsiders are more ‘amarrateguis’. Therefore it is a factor when making the selection of defenses, midfielders and forwards. It is always a good idea to be aware of the calendar.

Meet the chroniclers

The human factor also influences. Fantasy football fans can find out who are the chroniclers who score in each field for the chosen platform. With a follow-up you can deduce your preferences, if they are more ‘cheerful’ giving points or more 'reserved'. And it is normal for these chroniclers to have a presence on social networks, so following them can be a source of information to keep up to date.

With fantasy football we can all become managers, something that attracts from years ago and that justifies the success that computer games such as the mythical PC Football, that the football fans of the nineties liked so much.

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