When the football teams have turned the game around, legendary comebacks

When the football teams have turned the game around, legendary comebacks
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Soccer is passionate about crowds, but there are days that some soccer teams don't want to remember as long as they live. They are minutes or seconds in which soccer predictions they have vanished and "gone overboard". The unforeseen last minute with several goals from a disadvantage, they have turned the game that already had a virtual winner and have become legendary comebacks that have changed the course of history.

In UEFA Champions League matches it has happened about five times and this comeback or second leg of the match has upset everything ... predictions, predictions, certainties and hopes. One of these excessively dramatic occasions was experienced by the Bayern team rival, the Paris Saint Germain football team and its coach at the time: Thomas Tuchel, or the disastrous night for Paris in Barcelona. We share you 3 of these iconic and legendary comebacks that hardly anyone wants to remember, even less the members of the losing team.

Top 3 of the most iconic and legendary comebacks

Are 3 Comebacks left the stadium crowd breathless and will be remembered by players on the losing team throughout their lives. They destroyed the predictions and hopes of thousands of fans who gave a sure victory, before the game turned completely around.

1.- UEFA Cup semi-finals 2018/2019

Three goals behind: Barcelona – Liverpool 3 a 0 / Liverpool – Barcelona 4 a 0.

When Barca was with one foot in the final thanks to a brace from Messi, untimely the Liverpool team turned the game around due to multiple casualties that Divock Origi took advantage of, then the same Belgian unleash the pandemonium after the two goals of Wijnaldum. Historical comeback definitely.

2.- Quarter finals 2003/2004

AC Milan - Deportivo la Coruña 4 a 1 / Deportivo La Coruña - Milan 4 a 0.

After Walter Pandiani led the Deportivo team to the fore, Kaka's two goals made the difference. Javier Irureta, Deportivo's coach had foreshadowed the comeback: We know it will be very complicated, it will be a challenge. But in football miracles happen, things you never think can happen“. Albert Luque, Juan Carlos Valeron, Pandiani and substitute player Fran González (the player and the right moment) they fulfilled the omen of Javier Iruteta who had promised to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela and he fulfilled it.

3.- Quarter finals 2017 / 2018

Barcelona - Rome 4 a 1 / Rome - Barcelona 3 a 0.

“You can not imagine, I mean it was amazing, crazy. I do not know how to describe it. We did it, when nobody believed in us” expressed Edin Dzeeko without coming out of his surprise by his goal in the sixth minute, goal that started Rome's comeback. Nobody believed it was possible, after the cruel defeat of 4-1 and Camp Nou, but Dzeko's surprise goal and Daniele De Rossi's penalty spot were decisive minutes before Kostas Manolas confirmed that miracles do happen sometimes in football..

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