Blackburn Rovers champion of the Premier of the 95

Blackburn Rovers champion of the Premier of the 95
El Blackburn 94-95 It was one of those miracles in the history of football. PHOTO: Brand

Long before the miracle of Leicester by Claudio Ranieri, specific 21 years, there was another in english football. The Blackburn Rovers was the surprise guest who lifted the trophy Premier League champion 1994-95. From the hand of the late billionaire Jack Walker, who pulled the checkbook to make a great team, Blackburn managed to win the English tournament and go down in history.

El Blackburn Rovers de Alan Shearer

Walker took over the club in the early 90 and began a project that would end up culminating in the season 1994-95. He took it from the second English to victory in the Premier League. For it, The first thing was to choose the captain of the ship and this was none other than Kenny Dalglish, former Liverpool legend who led Rovers to glory.

The other decisive prop was the signing of Alan Shearer, one of the best English players in history and one of the goalscorers of the years 90. The summer of 1992, he was just a young man 22 years I did not know that 3 years later, he was going to make history with that team and in the Premier League with his goals. That specific year, shearer scored 34 goals but the previous year he had scored 31 in the runner-up Blackburn Rovers that already foreshadowed that something very big was to come. And it is that Blackburn, a city of just 100.000 inhabitants was going to have a Premier League champion team.

Alan Shearer Blackburn Rovers
Alan Shearer was the king of the Premier League 1994-95. PHOTO: Premier League

The 14 May 1995, the day Blackburn certified their Premier

That was the day that Blackburn Rovers certified their victory in the English championship over that Manchester United that had players like Cantona, Roy Keane, Peter Schemichel, Andy Cole y Ryan Giggs. Almost nothing.

Los Shearer, Flowers, Le Saux, Tim Sherwood, Hendry and Shutton among others, by Dalglish, They showed that miracles exist if you fight for them. A miracle of football that few believed could be repeated until Leicester's crush in 2016.



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