The day the CD Logroñés made the hall to RCD Espanyol in Sarriá

The day the CD Logroñés made the hall to RCD Espanyol in Sarriá
Moment in which the RCD Espanyol, with Lauridsen at the helm, jumps onto the Sarriá pitch with the Logroñés players making a hallway (The country)

Making the hall to a team that has been champion days before is a custom that is usual in football for many years. But nevertheless, Today we are going to tell the story of a corridor that served as a tribute to the RCD Espanyol, although in reality the parakeet set had not been champion.

The 18 May 1988 the Espanyol lived one of the most epic and bitter nights in its history. The parakeet team played the second leg of the UEFA Cup 1987-1988 against him Bayer Leverkusen whom he had defeated in the first leg by 3-0 at the Sarriá Stadium. But nevertheless, the Germans managed to equalize the tie by endorsing the Blue and Whites the same result and defeating them in the penalty shootout.


Despite the defeat, that edition of UEFA was faultless for the pupils led by Javier Clemente. That day all of Spain and much of Barcelona (sure that even some culés) they overturned with the Espanyol looking for his first continental title. The parrots were able to eliminate great teams like Borussia Monchengladbach, Inter de Milan, to AC Milan itself from Arrigo Sacchi, Vitkovice and finally Bruges in the semifinals (with comeback included). Only the German team stood in the way of the coveted cup.

Four days after that night, the catalan club received the CD Logrones in the legendary stadium of Sarria on the last day of National League Championship 1987-1988 in a match in which both needed to score to mathematically ensure permanence and avoid promotion of relegation. As is logical, the final result was a draw to zero.

The La Rioja team had the detail of making the hallway for the players of the RCD Espanyol before the start of the match as they were considered worthy of such a tribute after that excellent European career that they had just finished running out of a cup for the penalty shootout. It was a great show of lordship of a club that is sorely missed.

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