The first foreigner in the history of SD Eibar

The first foreigner in the history of SD Eibar
Anel Karabeg in a more current photo as coach (istrasport)

Who was the first foreigner of the SD Eibar? The gunsmith set was founded in 1940 and meanwhile 50 years he managed without signing foreign footballers. It was in the season 1990-1991 when this tradition was broken due to the need to make a leap in quality in a squad that the previous season had struggled enough to save the category.

In fact, the armorer team achieved permanence agonizingly in the season 1989-1990 on the last day thanks to a historic victory in Sarriá against Espanyol (at that time still Spanish) who would end up getting promoted in promotion promotion. In addition to winning in a field as complicated as the parakeet, needed the Racing de Santander lost in El Sardinero against him Real Betis, as it were.

Anel karabeg, the first foreigner in the history of SD Éibar

After that tremendous scare, the Basque team decided that signings should come and that it was time to seek quality with foreign players. In this way, the technician Mikel Etxarri requested the signing of the Yugoslav Anel karabeg, footballer who had achieved promotion to the First Division with the Real Burgos being important since he disputed 34 parties but that did not count for the project of the Castilian team in the highest category.

In this way, Karabeg joined the staff of the Éibar with which he played 28 matches that season without scoring any goals. The azulgrana got a much more comfortable stay than the previous year ending in a comfortable tenth position.

There is some controversy over whether Karabeg He was the first foreigner in the history of the gunsmith team since in the season 1988-1989 had the Mexican striker in their ranks Juan Manuel Arzuaga, although it is true that he was of Basque descent and that he had already played in clubs such as Baskonia before reaching Ipurua.

In any case, the step of Karabeg It was short since he did not continue at the club the following season but from his signing the Basque team has already incorporated foreign players with some normality, something that even 1990 it had not happened.

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