Superclásico the first Argentine in the final of history

Superclásico the first Argentine in the final of history
Boca players celebrate the title won from their greatest rival in 1976 (world D)

Boca Juniors and River Plate, River Plate and Boca Juniors. It doesn't matter what order we put their names in, The fact is that when we get together we all know that we are talking about the Argentine derby, one of the most passionate derbies in the world.

But nevertheless, after so many years of rivalry and historic and memorable matches, on very few occasions have both teams met in a final to define a title. The first one was the 22 from December to 1976 and served to clarify the champion of the Argentine National Championship. The match took place on neutral ground, Racing stadium.

According to the chronicles and the images that are preserved of that Argentine derby, the game was fairly contested with few chances for either team. Everything suggested that the title would have to be resolved in the penalty shoot-out, but it was then that the key play of the confrontation occurred..


To the 27 minutes of the second part, Boca Juniors had a foul in his favor at the edge of the area. Fillol, goalkeeper of River, began to order the barrier and at that precise moment and to everyone's surprise, Rubén José Suñé He kicked the free kick taking advantage of the fact that the Millionaire goalkeeper was out of position. The launch caught everyone off guard, including cameras and photographers so there is no current image other than the one shown below.

Suñé's goal
The famous “ghost goal” of Suñé that was worth a title (The nation)

Of course that play generated a lot of controversy, How could it be otherwise. Both the players and the fans of River they complained bitterly considering that I dreamed He did not respect the referee's signal and threw little less than treacherously without the referee's permission so the goal should not have gone up on the scoreboard. Obviously, the fans and players of Boca They called the play a rogue and believe it totally legal. Anyway, that both served to give the title to set xeneize.

That day Boca He formed with Cats, Pernía, Sá, Mouzo, Tarantini, Ribolzi, I dreamed, Veglio, Mastrangelo, Taverna and Felman. Meanwhile, River jumped onto the court with Fillol, Comelles, Perfumo, Passarella, Hector Lopez, Juan Jose Lopez, Reinaldo Merlo, Beltran, González, Luque and More.

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