Estudiantes de Zubeldia, Is the most cheater team ever?

Estudiantes de Zubeldia, Is the most cheater team ever?
Estudiantes de Zubeldia, a team that only cared about winning that as it may (Pes Stats Database)

The Estudiantes He formed a battle-hardened squad as a late 60. With Osvaldo Zubeldía as coach, Atletico posed the real battles games. The only goal was victory, no matter how reach. That is why this group of players that were part of, for many, is the most tricky team ever.


One of the most important achievements of that Estudiantes was the Intercontinental Cup of the year 1968. In the first leg, disputed in Argentina, those of Zubeldía They had achieved a narrow win (1-0). On lap, played in Old Trafford, awaited one Manchester United ready to achieve great comeback. At that time the Red Devils had in its ranks players like Bobby Charlton, George Best o Denis Law. Almost nothing.

Legend has it that Alberto Poletti, archer Students, He jumped into the field an hour before kick-off, he agreed to sign some autographs to fans in the front rows and before returning it broke them into pieces and threw the pieces into the face of these. Needless to say that the players in the visiting team were not at all intimidated by the atmosphere.

Students He achieved a tie to one that helped him win the title against all odds against a technically superior rival. Poletti; Malbernat, Aguirre Suárez, Madero, Medina; Billiards, Fcmé, Togneri; Ribaudo, Conigliaro and Veron They formed the 11 Initial both the outward and return.

There are countless legends surrounding that team and that made him known as the trickster story. Seems to be (and many images of that era seem to corroborate) Players of Students They are hiding pins in her stockings. These pins were used in the corners and set pieces to punch his opponents. Crazy.


Another anecdote that shows that Estudiantes de La Plata only cared win out as we found out in a friendly tournament in Spain. In the summer of 1967 Argentines came as flamboyant champions Argentina to play Trophy Luis Otero, organized by the Pontevedra CF. The Valencia CF He completed the cartel.

The match between the Galician and Estudiantes de La Plata (and should decide the champion) He ended with a tie. It had to resort to extra time also ended goalless so we had to go to penalty point to try to resolve the matter. After both teams launched their 5 releases, the result was tied as the two matched dialing 3 goals from the spot.

At that time there was sudden death so the winner had to be decided with the launch of a coin. This is when the Argentines showed outsmart (or cheats) the rival. Carlos Bilardo warned the Cacho Malbernat, team captain: “Chub, whatever happens, nothing currency fall to the floor we hugged and began to celebrate”. Said and done.

Thus, not sure if the coin came up heads or tails, Estudiantes players began to celebrate the victory and collected the trophy to the disbelief of those present. An example of the picaresque and chicanery of that historic team.

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