FC St. Pauli, a club that maintains some customs of the retro football

FC St. Pauli, a club that maintains some customs of the retro football
St stadium photo. Pauli (Photo: Erreala.com)

The FC St. Pauli It is a very special club. In fact, You can say it is one of the most peculiar of the world. Among the many things that make it special to this club located in the German district of the same name City Hamburg, we will highlight some more typical of football rather than the current.

The club, founded in 1910, plays their matches at home in the Millerntor Stadium capable 29.000 viewers. Here we find the first peculiarity and nod to the before football and is that 16.000 They can watch the game standing and 13.000 seated. But also, in the stadium they are still scoring goals from the match in a classic marker boards, no mail being the only one professional football German.

The St. Pauli He went through a severe economic crisis that made him even jeopardize as an entity. Despite this, partners have always been fully shown against renaming the stadium by a trademark, thereby forgoing substantial revenue, something that makes the club has won many supporters around the world. In fact, although it is a very humble team, powerfully draws attention that has many followers around the world. The club has 22.000 subscribers and a 280 fan clubs scattered around the planet.

Shirt St. Pauli

The German team is one of the few (specific 6) who wears brown shirt. There are two versions about the reason for this choice and both make clear the humble origins of the club that still today remain intact. On the one hand the fact that the cloth of that color was cheaper. For another, it looks like, workers in this neighborhood (in your dockers most of the port or warehouse porters) They used to use brown monkeys. Some of the first players of the team came directly from their work to training. This story reminds us that we discussed in the article on the color azulón Getafe CF.

Camiseta St. pauli
Retro style shirt FC St. Pauli (20minutes)

Of course, another feature in which always emphasized the St. Pauli is its defense of social rights and support for minorities. This is reinforced by the vast majority of fans of the team Hamburg are close ideologically to the left. As a significant fact should be noted that for many years, even though it was forbidden by the Nazis, the club continued admitting Jewish partners. Like is logic, such decisions will hurt corporate level to the point of not being able to join the league in the seasons 1940-1941 Y 1941-1942.

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