Fernando Cáceres, A lesson in life

Fernando Cáceres, A lesson in life
Formation of Argentina. Above, from left to right: Sensini, Cáceres, Ayala, Roa, Veron. Down, from left to right: Simeone, Batistuta, Ortega, Gallardo and Piojo López (Goal.com)

Fernando Cáceres He was one of those players that every coach wants to have on his team. Central Argentina, developed his career between his native country and Spain. In both countries he wore the shirt of important clubs and was always an important footballer.

The black, as he was known colloquially, stood out in Argentinos Juniors which allowed him to sign for Boca. His good work in Argentina helped him to cross the pond to get to Spain to one of the teams that, by then, occupied the noble zone of the classification, the Real Zaragoza. At the club, he shared a dressing room with the Higueras., Solana, Belsué, Cedar and a long etcetera. The team that managed, among other titles, the historical Cup Winners Cup in 1994.

Recopa Real Zaragoza
Fernando Cáceres celebrates the Recopa of Real Zaragoza on the crossbar of the Parque de los Príncipes (The Newspaper of Aragon)

Precisely in that summer of 1994, Cáceres would be summoned by the albiceleste team that went to the World US. Footballers such as Simeone, Batistuta or self Maradona, among others. further, a year before, he had been champion of the Copa America 1993.

From Zaragoza he returned to Argentina to have a brief visit to another historical one such as River Plate. That was when the Valencia he got his services. In the capital of Túria he stayed for two seasons and then reached the best Celtic history. In the Vigo group it was a fundamental pillar for Victor Fernandez, with whom you already met in bad lands.

Fernando Cáceres
Fernando Cáceres in his time at Celta de Vigo (very Celeste)

After 6 great campaigns dressed in light blue, he still had time to play a season in the Córdoba Second Division. Finally, he returned to Argentina to play in Independent and hang the boots where I had started, in Argentinos Juniors.

Fernando Cáceres shot

But nevertheless, his life changed the 1 November 2009. Fernando Cáceres, who was training to start his career as a coach (was a coach of the Independiente second team) suffered an assault. Some young people tried to steal his vehicle and shot him. One of the bullets hit his right eye, which lost, He also suffered a fracture at the base of the skull..

The former footballer was admitted to the hospital in serious condition and remained in a coma for weeks.. Doctors claimed that their chances of survival were slim. But Fernando Cáceres he would win the most important game of his life. Not only woke up, but it managed, very little by little, recovering from those serious injuries.

First aided from a wheelchair, shortly after a cane, Cáceres was progressing little by little. Nowadays, he is the director of a soccer school in his country and tries to keep improving physically. He has been seen in some television programs in which he has stated that he does not hold a grudge against his attackers. Definitely, all an example of improvement and life.

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