Street football: basic rules and indispensable

Street football: basic rules and indispensable
Typical image of street football that we liked so much (Pinterest)

As much as they insist the main agencies and senior leaders of the modern football, something with what can never end. The Street football He marked the childhood of children around the world and, curiously, shares a number of basic rules are quite similar around the world.

Today is being lost because of the prohibitions of many municipalities is to play ball in the street and the fact that children have good facilities. That is why we claim and remember the purest football.

The top two elected

It is the first rule of the Street football. The top two players were captains appointed and be responsible for choosing to go by turns each comrades. logically, the worst plays often left the latter with consequent humiliation that entails.


Once the teams were defined turn came to define the goals. They had several options but two stones are usually used large, backpacks or more jackets mode posts. They were also appealing the blinds down a garage or could paint the goal with chalk on a wall or wall.

Children playing football
Remember those target painted on the wall? (

The fatty’ It was the doorman

When we had the equipment and the goals, played put players in the field. The fat used to be the doorman and the worst players were defenses. good, Of course, They played front and were quite ‘pacifiers‘. In the event that no one would be placed archer someone shouting: “The last one to touch the stick gets”.

goalkeeper dribbler

He spent many times the number of players who gathered in the street to play a match was odd. This caused one of the count teams with one player less so had to compensate somehow. The most common was the goalkeeper of the team that had numerical inferiority act as' goalkeeper fly’ or dribbler.

Kicks and penalties

If there was no blood was virtually impossible for a fault pitara. In the same way, a penalty was pointed out in the event that there is doubt whether a ball had entered or not (Sometimes the ball stuck in the 'post’ and it was unclear).

Not worth 'trayon’

Everyone was clear that he could not shoot strong. The shot had to control it because otherwise the goal was annulled by the goalkeeper shoot.

Not worth throwing 'high’

In the event that the goals were defined with stones, backpacks or jackets, It was difficult to score when he left high. The height of the goal was marked as imaginarily who the goalkeeper. The more was taller taller could pull though this rule always created controversy.

Penalty and a goal… is goal

At Street football if there was a penalty but the play ended in goal, It was shot. It was shown that the show is prioritized.

When the party stopped?

The game was interrupted almost never except, course, if he passed a car or a pedestrian. Then, which had the ball in his possession could catch it with your hands and stop the match alerting the rest. The game resumed in the same place and the ball player who wore it had stopped.

Bottle law: The strip goes for it

This rule also was sacred. The strip goes for it except goal is scored. Then, that has to go is the keeper.

Who scores wins

It is one of the most widespread rules of the Street football Worldwide. Regardless of whatever the score, time to go home (that darkened the day almost always) the team score the last goal won the game.

If the owner of the ball is going… the game is over

But nevertheless, sometimes it not reached the last goal that defined the winner. It could also happen that the party ended when the owner of the ball I had to go. One times was because his parents called him and others because directly angry with the other players. Is my ball and ran.


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  1. The goalkeepers who also played we called them goalkeeper- Forward, the pachanga where there was 2 teams but a single goal were called puppets, not always the fattest was the goalkeeper sometimes someone stood tall and it was also a position where there was always someone good or who liked

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