The surprising talk between Gascoigne and Maradona before a Sevilla-Lazio

The surprising talk between Gascoigne and Maradona before a Sevilla-Lazio
Paul Gascoigne and Maradona greet each other before the match between Lazio and Sevilla (The Journal)

Paul Gascoigne and Diego Armando Maradona were two great soccer players. First, possibly, one of the best english players of all times. The second, for many, the best in history.

But nevertheless, both had serious problems throughout their lives with different addictions, even, in their time as active footballers. Proof of this is the talk that he revealed Gascoigne in an interview with the newspaper The Athletic.

“I remember playing a friendly match against Sevilla de Maradona in Spain after spending three days in a row drinking at Disneyland. In the changing room tunnel I said ‘Diego, I'm done ’. He answered me: 'Do not worry, I also”.

That friendly match to which the English crack refers was played in the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan from Seville a 10 November 1992. By then, The fuzz wore the elastic sevillista after having had to leave the Italian league, among other things, for testing positive for cocaine. The match ended with a draw at one on the scoreboard with goals from Pineda for Sevilla and, curiously, Paul Gascoigne for visitors.

Gascoigne Lazio
Despite his poor physical condition, Paul Gascoigne was able to score his team's goal (Redgol)

This was not the only curious anecdote left by the interview of the British footballer. He also had time to recall another conversation with the former coach of Manchester United, Alex Ferguson: “He has always told me that my career would have been more stable at Manchester United. Ferdinand got rid of a miracle doping test, Cantona kicked an asshole in the stands in the neck, Rooney fucked a grandmother and Giggs fucked his brother's wife. I don't want to imagine what I would have done there”.


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