Why is it called the Olympic goal?? who scored the first?

Why is it called the Olympic goal?? who scored the first?
Cesáreo Onzari scored the first Olympic goal recorded in an official match (Football Museum)

The Olympic goal is one of the many soccer expressions that we say and, sometimes, we do not know the origin. In this article we will talk about the reason why the goal scored directly from the corner is called this way.

The first Olympic goal in history

To remind the first olympic goal in history, at least for which there are official records, you have to go back to 2 of October 1924. That day, The Argentine soccer team played a friendly match against Uruguay in Buenos Aires.

The Uruguayan team, precisely, He had just proclaimed himself champion of the Paris Olympics. From there, that the goal scored by the Argentine Cesarean Onzari in that match directly from the corner kick he was baptized with this name.

The match between Albicelestes and Charrúas ended with a victory for the locals by 2 a 1. the famous goal, marked by the footballer who at that time belonged to Hurricane Athletic Club, arrived in the minute 15 of the first part to the delight and surprise of the public that, until that day, I had not seen an entry like it.

And if that was not enough, at the end of that meeting, the selection of Uruguay, encouraged by the organizers of the friendly, They did an ‘Olympic lap’ around the field to celebrate his title in France. Another custom that today is also part of the usual celebrations when a certain team is champion.

from that distant 1924, we have enjoyed great olympic goals. That of Ferenc Puskas in a match between Hungary and England in Wembley in which the hungarians humiliated the inventors of football, it's an example. Or that of Diego Armando Maradona in a Naples-Lazio in the year 1984. A great goal that is still remembered today as one of the best of the Argentine star's career.

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