5 Historic Atletico Nacional players in the early 80 Y 90

5 Historic Atletico Nacional players in the early 80 Y 90
Higuita and Aristizabal, two historic Club Atletico Nacional (Photo: candle)

The Club Atletico Nacional Medellin It was founded 30 April 1947. The Colombian team has had great players throughout its history. Not in vain, It is known as 'King of Cups’ being the club with the most titles both nationally and internationally in Colombia. Today we will dedicate some lines to 5 historical players who managed to win the green jersey in the years 80 Y 90.

Rene Higuita

René Higuita
Goalkeeper Rene Higuita is a legend Atletico Nacional. With 301 games played and 25 goals scored became the idol of a generation, verdolagas not only fans but around the world. His peculiar way of playing make him a unique player in history (Photo: futbolete).


Andres Escobar
If we talk about legends of Atletico Nacional and Colombian football in general we can not forget about Andres Escobar. The central defender was part of the historic team that won the first Copa Libertadores club Year 1989. He played 220 games with purslane shirt from 1986 Y 1994. He was assassinated that same year after making a mistake at the World Cup selection (Photo: Pinterest)


Leonel Alvarez
Another historic club who was also present at that Libertadores 1989. Alvarez was responsible for scoring the final penalty in that final. His good role in both the club and the selection of Colombia let him make the leap to European football. In the picture we can see with Escobar in a match of selection in the World 1990.

Faustino Asprilla

Faustino Asprilla
Faustino Asprilla was the greatest impact and success achieved in European football clubs like Newcastle English and Italian Parma. He formed a lethal duo with Aristizabal with the one in the picture (Photo: Snail gol)

Víctor aristizábal

Aristizabal is the top scorer in the history of Athletic National with 173 goals in 324 matches. further, It was instrumental in the success of the selection of Colombia which led to the title of the Copa America in 2001 (Photo: Goal.com)



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