The new Champions League, Will the final death of football?

The new Champions League, Will the final death of football?
The new Champions League can definitely finish with football (Photo: UEFA)

Already they are beginning to know some of the details of the project that takes time barruntando in the minds of those governing European football in recent years. The new Champions League It takes shape and it seems, shall mean the final death of football as we have known so far.

If from a few years ago our beloved sport has been deformed gradually into a pure business, a machine whose sole purpose is to make more and more money at the expense of fans lifelong, it now appears that the final lunge approaches.


The new Champions League, as various media have reported as Cadena COPE, consist of 32 teams (divided into 4 groups and not in 8 as today) they played their matches at the weekend in time 'prime time'. Thus, matches LaLiga Spanish, cite one example, They will have to be played midweek.

Of course, the reason for this change is none other than the giving priority to this 'NBA Football’ what, naturally, will be a brutal increase in revenue for participating clubs. In some cases (as are those of FC Barcelona Y Real Madrid) It could move from 140 millions who are currently receiving for television rights to 900 millions.

In the case of Spanish Laliga, It would require a reduction of teams in First Division 20 today to 16 O 18. The draft new Champions League, which increasingly is stronger, It is expected to see the light within 5 years, that is to say, in the year 2024.

While this notion curdled, UEFA's plans to bring the final of the continental showpiece to U.S. The idea is that it is also in that year 2024. Specific, speaking of New York as the city with an advantage to be chosen and the stadium could be the MetLife, home of the New York Giants and Jets NFL.


They do not have enough to have finished with football that we inherited from our parents and grandparents but now want to definitely annihilate. With midweek games, with wanting to take our league games abroad or a world It is played in winter leagues in full competition (It is what has granted the organization of the championship Qatar, the country that offered more money) they now want the rest we play on Tuesdays and Wednesdays forever. just gross.

But nevertheless, from here we launched a new insurance option that pleases everyone and allow us to recover football. The teams participating in the 'Super Champions’ only disputing that competition and left alone to other clubs they can play their respective leagues at the weekend in decent times. No matter if you do not generate large revenues from TV rights and templates have to feed young quarry. Precisely, That is what would allow us to go back in time and recover the essence of football old.

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  1. For me it would be good if the champions will play it alone 20 teams, divided into four groups, in the form of a league all against all and that in the end the first and second of each group will qualify for the next round, that is to say, the round of 16 would be eliminated and the first quarterfinal against second would be eliminated and whoever finished first in the general table would be rewarded by playing the final in their stadium. Weekends the champions but also the local leagues, In the end, local fans will always prefer to see their teams before, for example, Bayern vs Real Madrid, but outside the continent, local teams are non-existent for other fans, which is why this type of league is proposed since the television collection distributed in the leagues are generated by the winning teams, without them, all top leagues are irrelevant. For an amateur, for example, from eibar it is a dream that his team beat Madrid or Barsa but on television it is not very viable because it generates little enthusiasm in foreign fans, which are the places where the money is. The vast majority think I prefer to see a Chelsea Bayern, Juve Madrid and they would happily pay to watch those games every weekend. The teams would play during the week only when they play against participants of that tournament I think so it is not as serious as it is believed, more serious for me is that in that tournament the participating teams are not used to going last in their local tables and that could be detrimental to the federations.

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