Goalkeeper loneliness, the great misunderstood

Goalkeeper loneliness, the great misunderstood
Few pictures better show the loneliness and the difficult life of the goalkeeper like this (Deskman.net)

The football Integrated is a team sport 11 players. But nevertheless, there is one that has little to nothing to do with the rest, the goalkeeper.

Goalkeeper, goalkeeper, goalkeeper… you may call in many ways yet his is the most misunderstood and certainly as thankless as its main objective is to deprive the rest of the fans of what is known as football sauce: The goal.

Everyone remembers and recalls Andrés Iniesta's goal in the final of the World Cup 2010 which he allowed Spain to win the first World Cup in their history against the Netherlands, but not many stand Casillas stop Robben few minutes before.

The gatekeepers are made of other pasta. Its special personality usually be because they have to be prepared for a solitude that makes them unique. When a forward fault is not so serious, but if you do the archer s goal against almost certainly and if you are not prepared to live with it, no good to defend your team's goal.

The goalkeeper Higuita and the Scorpion
It is true that made in a friendly match, but stop 'scorpion’ Higuita against England turned to the world (Brand)

Fortunately, currently playing fields have improved outrageous and Gone those quagmires in the small area turned and made a goalkeeper who had to live 90 few minutes improper conditions although it is clear that the one who lived from outside gave a special touch, almost romantic.

Higuita regates, Absences CHILAVERT

Throughout history we have seen them really special and should be. When you're little and you play football with friends almost nobody wants to be the goalkeeper. Even the clothing must be different from the rest in a game and it seems that one of the goals is to make life difficult growing, since before it allowed to collect a pass from a teammate with hand.

We have seen with ribbons in her hair, caps, knee and elbow pads. At first not even wearing gloves and, curiously, Most nicknamed 'Loco’ in football they occupied this demarcation.

Loco Gatti, a different archer
Hugo 'El Loco’ Cats, considered the best goalkeeper in the history of Boca Juniors, a goalkeeper of the most eccentric (Sports Stories)

Their ability to escape, to live in their world and focus for the sole purpose of depriving the rival goal makes them precious star anecdotes as incredible as he lived Sam Bartram when he was abandoned by his own comrades in the thick London fog in the middle of a match.

others like René Higuita, We also showed that goalkeepers can and must play the ball with their feet, even at the risk of making a mistake what, as we noted above, usually very expensive. Own Jose Luis Chilavert It showed us that can also score goals and also very beautiful invoice.

From here our most sincere appreciation to these 'crazy’ and enjoying live football from a position with a different perspective, football goalkeepers.

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