What are the best soccer teams in the world?

What are the best soccer teams in the world?
Brasil y Argentina, todo un clásico del fútbol mundial (Goal.com)

The ranking FIFA determine what they are the best football teams of the world. The criteria used by the highest level of world football was modified and updated in the year 2018. To know the details that are taken into account when adding and subtracting points to the different teams, click here.

32 teams from all over the world are the ones that manage to qualify for the final phase of the world championships every four years. Which countries would be represented in the world Cup If only one took into account the ranking FIFA? We tell you the continuation:


  1. Brazil
  2. Belgium
  3. Argentina
  4. France
  5. England
  6. Spain
  7. Italy
  8. Netherlands
  9. Portugal
  10. Denmark
  11. Germany
  12. Mexico
  13. Uruguay
  14. U.S
  15. Croatia
  16. Switzerland
  17. Colombia
  18. Senegal
  19. Gales
  20. Sweden
  21. Peru
  22. Iran
  23. Morocco
  24. Japan
  25. Serbia
  26. Poland
  27. Ukraine
  28. Republic of Korea
  29. Chile
  30. Tunisia
  31. Nigeria
  32. Czech Republic

Europe es el continente dominante ya que el 50% of the 32 best teams in the world (17) belong to the old continent. Meanwhile, America features 8 representatives among the 32 first places. Africa (4) Y Asia (3) close the list. No team from Oceania would access the World Cup with this qualification system.

As we can see, despite the European dominance both in the general list and in the top 10, lo cierto es que combinados tan míticos e históricos como Brazil Y Argentina están en la cabeza. In fact, the canarinha sigue siendo líder de las mejores selecciones de fútbol del mundo.

Esta clasificación, far from what many may think, tiene más importancia de la que pueda parecer. The FIFA la utiliza para definir quiénes serán los cabezas de serie cada vez que se disputa una fase final de la world Cup o una Euro, algo muy importante para que un determinado equipo pueda evitar a los ‘cocosen el sorteo. In this way, su camino hacia las rondas finales puede ser más sencillo.

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