The five best gaming clubs in Spain: How Spanish football was affected by gambling advertising rules

The five best gaming clubs in Spain: How Spanish football was affected by gambling advertising rules

Spain has one of the most competitive football leagues in the world. LaLiga Santander brings together the best clubs in the country in the first division and they are part of the most used resources for sports betting, not only in Europe but throughout the world.

The presence of clubs like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona or Atlético de Madrid -just to name a few- make this league one of the most exciting.

However, as an example Spain recently regulated everything related to online and sports betting. In this post we will show you how Spanish football was affected by these measures regarding the advertising of bookmakers and clubs.

How Spanish football was affected by gambling advertising rules

in September of the year 2022 The law that prohibits bookmakers from serving as sponsors of soccer teams came into effect. It is estimated that the losses by the clubs were around 90 millions of euros.

But nevertheless, there is good news for clubs to find a way to reverse the situation through the advertising of so-called "Tokens" or blockchain chains.

Top 5 of the best clubs in Spain

If we wanted to make a quick selection of the 5 current best teams in the spanish league; we could simply take into account the positions in which the season ended 2021/22.

But, our team of specialists has decided to take into account the number of titles won, international tournaments and Copas del Rey to establish our selection of the best top 5. Let's see: in

1. Real Madrid

Undoubtedly the most popular club football team in the world. The current team that has achieved the most Champions League in the entire history of modern football with a total of 14. He has obtained a total of 7 club world cup, 35 leagues and 19 King's Cups. The current LaLiga champion of Spain.

2. FC Barcelona

Obviously he is the arch-rival of the merengue club. In a team with a lot of history also winner of several international tournaments. As far as the Champions League has a total of 5, 31 Cups and 3 club world cup.

3. Sevilla FC

Sevilla FC occupies our third position because it is one of the strongest Spanish teams in international competitions. In fact, has won 6 UEFA Europa League, 5 King's Cups and 1 European Super Cup.

4. Atletico Madrid.

Atlético de Madrid is one of the most competitive teams at European level in the last decade. In fact, he recently starred in the Champions League final precisely against Real Madrid, in which he ended up losing in extra time.

5. Valencia CF

This team contains our top 5. This team is from 5 winningest club in the common league with a total of 23 trophies.

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