The best balls football history

The best balls football history
These are some of the best balls football history. Photo: Taringa

Which are the best balls in history? The ball, that indispensable element without which there would be impossible to love this sport called football. That object that so many joys and sorrows give us when kissing a goal nets and raises so many passions. Because, in FUTBOLRETRO.ES, we pay our special tribute and although it is virtually impossible to draw up a list, let's remember some of the best, at least in our opinion.

The best balls football history

ETRUSCO SOLE (Italia '90 World)

The best balls
El Etrusco Unico, gorgeous balloon. The reference for a generation. The ball of World Italy 90. Photo:

NIKE GEO (Spanish league 1996-97)

Nike Geo
The Nike Geo which premiered in the league 1996-97, call the “League of stars”. Photo: Pinterest

TELSTAR DURLAST (Germany '74 World)


Telstar Durlast
El Telstar Durlast, the ball of the World Cup 1974. Photo:

TANGO SPAIN (Spain '82 World)

The best balls
The mythical Tango World of Spain 1982. Photo:

QUESTRA (USA '94 World)

Questra USA '94
The Questra USA 94, one of the best balls of history. Photo: Official Balls


Mikasa is not that it was very good but is such a mythical ball that still lingers. It was worse than hitting a rock but is an unforgettable ball. Photo:

Certainly seeing all this string of balls you could not help but feel a certain nostalgia. In another article you can enjoy all the balls in World Cup history, an absolute joy that makes us travel back in time.

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  1. With all my respect, that is not the Tango Argentina, that if it was the first ball he revolutionized the world of football through a mythical ball, makes the list have no rigor.

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