Kidnappings of Di Stefano and Quini, the stars of the moment

Kidnappings of Di Stefano and Quini, the stars of the moment
Quini with José Luis Nuñez, Barca president, shortly after being released (EFE)

Di Stefano and Quini are two of the best strikers in the history of the league in complete safety. Both had many things in common. First, They are tired of scoring goals, the first especially in the Real Madrid but also in the Espanyol, the second in FC Barcelona and the Real Sporting Gijon. The two were international with Spain as well. But nevertheless, there is an experience that unites them and was not very nice since one of the highlights of their career they suffered kidnapping.


The first was to happen Alfredo Di Stefano when he was player of the Real Madrid. All white he was on tour (by then already estilaba the best clubs in the world will play friendly matches around the world to monetize) by Venezuela. Specific, the team chaired by Santiago Bernabeu he was about to play a friendly tournament known as the Little World Cup against Porto and Sao Paulo 1963.

After playing against the Portuguese side, di Stéfano and the rest of the team went to the hotel where they were concentrated Potomac. That same night, while the Argentine crack rested phone rang her room. The reception of the hotel informed him that two policemen were requesting his presence there. Alfredo ignored thinking it was a joke of some of his companions and went back to sleep.

But nevertheless, shortly after, the two alleged police agents came to his room and asked him to accompany them to the police station. His roommate, Santa Maria, She advised him not to but he agreed.


In the car he was informed that it was a kidnapping, They blindfolded and told him not to worry that he would not suffer any damage. It was two members of the Armed Liberation Front Nacional wanted to give visibility to their movement against Venezuelan President.

Di Stéfano kidnapping
Di Stefano's abduction was on the cover of every newspaper (The National)

Kidnapping di Stéfano It did not last long, nail 72 hours, that he killed playing checkers with his captors ended up releasing him without a scratch. The Real Madrid striker went to the Spanish embassy in taxi and the matter was settled as a scare. In fact, to the day after being released under the insistence Santiago Bernabeu, He played the first half against Sao Paulo for your presence still had more impact.


Very different was the kidnapping of Quini. Footballer of the club was going home in his car after a party the whole FC Barcelona beat 6-1 at Camp Nou al Hercules. On the way he was intercepted by another car in which they were 3 individuals that led to Zaragoza where remained held for 25 days in a cell. In this case it threatened to end his life and demanded a ransom of 350 million pesetas, that is to say, more of 2 millions of euros, they should be admitted to a Swiss account.

In this case the police found the place where the player was retained Spaniard in collaboration with the Swiss police and the secret bank got up and knew the identity of the holder of the account. Initially it was thought that the kidnappers could be members of the terrorist group ETA but eventually were three unemployed individuals who wanted to solve their financial problems.

Quini He was released and was able to finish the tournament as top scorer with 20 goals scored. But nevertheless, Barca noticed his absence and was not able to win any game without their best player and that League 1980-1981 It was for the Royal Society would get two consecutive.




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