The Incredible why not Magic González joined Barca

The Incredible why not Magic González joined Barca
Magico Gonzalez poses with FC Barcelona shirt (Pinterest)

Jorge 'Magico’ González It is a Salvadoran football legend. absolute idol in his country, He highlighted in Spain '82 World Cup where his team had not a very brilliant participation precisely. El Salvador lost all three matches and conceded the biggest win in World Cup history (10-1 against Hungary).

Nonetheless, the Cádiz CF He was set in that player, forcing the machine to gain their services. In 'La Tacita de Plata’ It became myth achieving promotion to the Primera at its premiere in Spain and shortly thereafter part of the best stage in the history of the Andalusian club who managed to string together 8 consecutive seasons in the top flight of Spanish football.

It was in the summer of 1984 when César Luis Menotti She recruited to Magico Gonzalez to tour the FC Barcelona US. At that time, Diego Armando Maradona still he belonged to the discipline culé (at the end of that season he would march towards Naples) so we could see together the two mega stars if only in a 'bowling’ friendly.

The Barça still he had a league game so traveled to America with several 'signings’ to complete the expedition. Besides of Magico Gonzalez He was also present, Mario Husillos. Argentina's Real Murcia He could not do enough to put a dent in the template blaugrana since he scored a hat-trick in the only match he played against Cosmos from New York.


But back to the adventure Magico Gonzalez at the club we can not ignore why the culé entity decided not to rush his signing. For all it was known that El Salvador was given to the party and women and, apparently, He was in the company of a couple of them when Maradona He activated the fire alarm as a joke. The whole expedition as well as hotel workers rushed to the hall. Jorge Gonzalez missed only, surely, He was busy with other matters.

Culé Directive, led by President Nuñez, he decided he had had enough with deal with Maradona and Schuster, they were to take up arms, so they would not incoporar a footballer 'problematic’ As the Magico Gonzalez which, said passage is, Nor did it matter too much as it really was happy where he was in Cadiz.

Adventure footballer of El Salvador in Barcelona was brief. Who knows what could be one pair Maradona-González at Barca but neither was dressed Barca next season. The fire alarm activated 'The fuzz’ He could be one of the keys.

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