Manolo Santana and the Real Madrid shield

Manolo Santana and the Real Madrid shield
Manolo Santana with the Real Madrid shield at Wimbledon (The Journal)

Manolo Santana it is considered, with all deserved, one of the best spanish tennis players in history. Not in vain, the man from Madrid was the winner of 4 Grand Slam tournaments throughout his successful career, in addition to a gold and a silver medal at the Olympic Games.

The sports career Manolo Santana was linked to the tennis section of the Real Madrid. The tennis player, recognized madridista, belonged to this section from the middle of the decade of the 60 until the early 70. Before this, He had already won two Roland Garros titles (1961 Y 1964) and a US Open in 1965.

But nevertheless, quite possibly, the most important and special title, not only for Santana but for spanish tennis, was harvested in Wimbledon in the year 1966. That's where the Real Madrid takes on a leading role indirectly, o no.


In the year 1966, Manolo Santana appeared at the London tournament with the firm intention of winning the title of champion. The company, of course, it seemed complicated. But nevertheless, the Spaniard was overcoming rounds until reaching the final in which he had to face the American Dennis Ralston.

The journalist Alfredo Relaño recounts in the program Informe+ the maneuver that both the Real Madrid as Santana himself did to show off the club's shield on his chest in that final played on 1 July 1966: “he was amateur. The state gave money to the player under the table and, also, It was also good for him that Madrid gave him other money under the table to sew the shield on the polo shirt”.

Meanwhile, Sergio Rodriguez, FC Excelsior, Add: “It seems to me an idea of ​​an overwhelming lucidity. It could be said that this is the origin of what we now call sports sponsorship”.

But nevertheless, Own Santana he had doubts that he would be allowed to play with the madridista emblem sewn to his chest. The tournament rules Wimbledon They were and still are very strict when it comes to clothing.. maybe, that he Real Madrid It would have been proclaimed that same year European champion for the sixth time and the fact that England was the organizing country of the World Cup that same year helped to turn a blind eye.

Manolo Santana Real Madrid
Manolo Santana greets his rival (The reason)

The truth is Manolo Santana raised the title of champion wearing the merengue shield on his immaculate white shirt. It was the first time that a Spanish tennis player conquered Wimbledon Y, in fact, had to wait many years until Conchita Martinez (1994) Y Rafa Nadal (2008), repeat this feat.

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