The biggest win in the history of Real Sporting in First Division

The biggest win in the history of Real Sporting in First Division
Escaich signed his best performance in the First Division scoring 4 goals against Osasuna (New Spain)

It was a crazy afternoon in El Molinon. Starting with the state of the field of play, fully flooded due to the heavy rain that had fallen and continued to fall during the match that faced the Real Sporting Gijon y al CA Osasuna, and ending with another rain, in this case of goals, which led to the biggest win in the history of the local team in the First Division.


There was a 16 of January of 1994 in a corresponding match of the day 19 and that therefore meant the end of the first round of that League. Rojiblanco It came out in a rush and achieved a historic result against an opponent who did not know how to adapt to the state of the field of play, which made it almost impractical. break, the Sporting already sent by a forceful 5-0.

On resumption Osasuna managed to score the honor goal soon but the storm, both in the sky and on the grass, did not stop for the red ones. Xavi Escaich signed the best performance of his career scoring 4 goals and handing out two assists. stations and the Pitu Abelardo They completed the win, leaving the final score in a scandalous 7-1.

That afternoon the public that went to the sportinguista stadium enjoyed their team and was present at a historic game that is still remembered today. The formation that went down in history was formed by: Emilio, Arturo, Muñiz, Abelardo, Pablo, Sabou, Brown, Miner, Oscar, stations Y Escaich. Also they played Ablanedo I Y Saric.

Meanwhile, Osasuna He formed with: Roberto, bustingorri, Arozarena, From Quintana, Spasic, Pepín, Martin Gonzalez, Jose Mari, Ziober (goal scorer rojillo), Staniek Y Luke. Also they played: Edu Martinez Y Urban.

That game was a harbinger of what awaited him Osasuna that season 1993-1994. The whole of Pamplona finished bottom of the First Division and descended. Meanwhile, the Sporting achieved permanence by finishing 14th in the classification.

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