Best 11 Historic Real Oviedo

Best 11 Historic Real Oviedo
One of the historical formations of Real Oviedo (

As we have done in FUTBOLRETRO.ES we seek to develop the best 11 historical of each of the teams for which we try to gather as much information as possible from matches, in this case Real Oviedo, goals scored and particularly the opinion of the fans who are the ones who after all represent the club in question.

We also attach importance to performance of players in the team, regardless of what you get throughout his career in other clubs.

Best 11 Historic Real Oviedo
Best 11 Historic Real Oviedo as FUTBOLRETRO.ES (Photo: LINEUP11)

Are you agree with this 11? You consider you missing leftover or someone? You can leave your comments below.

One thought on “Best 11 Historic Real Oviedo

  1. ¿Esteban?… Alarcia, Lombardy. Djukovic, César, Clay, Carlos Gomes, year, Valentine Mora, Garcia Remon… (…And those who are missing) “¡Esteban!”. I whistle.
    With the 4 defenses and with forwards I agree.
    The midfield is very weak next to reality.Where is Herrerita please? ? So:
    Sanchez Lage, Jokanovic, Herrerita, Jose Maria.
    So here I leave you the best 11 from Oviedo without any discussion:
    Alarcia; Reel, Jerkan, Onopko, Rivas; Sanchez Lage, Jokanovic, Herrerita, Jose Maria; Lángara and Carlos:
    Thank you and HALA OVIEDO.

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