Olympiakos – Panathinaikos: The derby of the eternal enemies

Olympiakos – Panathinaikos: The derby of the eternal enemies
Olympiakos and Panathinaikos star in one of the hottest derbies in the world (SDNA)

Olympiakos Y Panathinaikos dispute one of the hottest derbies on the planet. Not in vain, both clubs rival each other not only in football, but in other sports as important in Greece as basketball, volleyball or water polo.

The rivalry of the two great clubs in Athens goes back a long way. Initially, the Panathinaikos, founded in 1908, represented the upper class of Athenian society. Conversely, Olympiakos, created in 1925, has its origin in Piraeus, port of the ancient city of Athens, and in his early years he was supported, mainly, for the working class and humble. Nowadays, this is much less appreciable and we find fans of all kinds who support both one club and another.

If we focus on the titles achieved by Olympiakos Y Panathinaikos in their respective football sections, the balance leans on the rojiblanco side. Those from Piraeus almost doubled their greatest rival (80 titles by 42). But nevertheless, the verdiblancos fans boast of greatest feats at European level. Not in vain, Panathinaikos is the only Greek club to have reached the final of the European Cup in the year 1971. yes, was defeated by Ajax. further, reached the semi-finals twice (1985 Y 1996).

Panathinaikos 1971
The Ajax and Panathinaikos players take to the pitch to play in the European Cup final in 1971 (Wikipedia)

Olympiakos Vs Panathinaikos, the mother of all battles

The derby of the eternal enemies is also known as The mother of all battles. This makes it very clear that this is more than just a match between two great rivals. In fact, the most radical fans of both teams have starred in some of the most unfortunate images in the history of sports.

In 1962, in the Cup final that faced both teams, there was a big fight between players that lasted more than five minutes. In the stands, the fans took the opportunity to set fire to a large number of flares which made visibility on the pitch impossible.

The 29 March 2007, a young fan of Panathinaikos was stabbed to death. This case was so serious that all sporting events in Greece were suspended for two weeks while a thorough investigation was carried out into what happened..

in every derby, both hobbies are responsible for giving a color and a special atmosphere. walking sticks, typhus, in it, flags and a deafening noise that gives the visiting team a feeling of hell.

Definitely, The birth of Olympiakos to face the mighty dominator Panathinaikos worked. The Piraeus team, supported by the working classes, sailors and Turkish immigrants grew little by little until it became what it is today, the best team in Greece. yes, the battle continues.

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