Why does the shield of Uruguay have 4 stars?

Why does the shield of Uruguay have 4 stars?
Coat of arms of Uruguay with the 4 stars (The country)

Selection Uruguay It is one of the most mythical in the history of football. Not in vain, the Charrúa team accumulates two World Cups in its record, something that is not, much less, available to anyone.

But nevertheless, one of the things that most attracts attention is that the shield of Uruguay luce 4 stars. It's been typical for many years., that the different national teams place stars in its emblem for each world livestock. So, why are 4 and not 2?

The answer is simple. The Uruguayans achieved the title of champion in the World of 1930 Y 1950. But nevertheless, before that, They were Olympic champions in 1924 Y 1928. At that time, not yet created world Cup so that Uruguay considers that it is worthy to wear the 4 stars.

Uruguay 1924
The Uruguayan team celebrates the title of Olympic champion in the year 1924 (Conmebol)

But nevertheless, the FIFA does not think the same and communicated to the Uruguayan Football Association that he should remove two stars from his shield. The petition, like is logic, It did not sit well with the highest soccer establishment in Uruguay or with the fans of the national team.

Jorge Casales, director of competitions of the AUF, stated in an interview: “Uruguay is going to assert with arguments to change this FIFA decision. For now we are obliged to modify the shirts to be able to participate in the qualifiers ". But nevertheless, hit again: “Uruguay was world champion four times. In 1924 Y 1928 there was no world cup”.

With everything, Uruguay continues with its two recognized World Cups. It will be difficult for the FIFA allow the celestial to show off the 4 stars for the olympic games 1924 Y 1928 as, to do it, United Kingdom, champion in 1908 Y 1912, as well as Belgium, in 1920, they would demand the same.

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