Why is the Real Valladolid shirt white and purple??

Why is the Real Valladolid shirt white and purple??
Eighties formation of Real Valladolid with footballers like Moya or Gonzalo among others (Twitter: Olympia)

When one is a child and begins to become familiar with football in Spain, One of the things that can catch your attention the most is the violet-white colors of the Real Valladolid shirt. In this article we will review the origin of these colors that, said passage is, makes it a unique jacket in our country.

First of all, it should be said that the Real Valladolid shirt has always worn the same colors. Since the year the club was founded, fans of Pucela they have been able to recognize their footballers perfectly by wearing an elastic with white and purple stripes.

The Real Valladolid born this year 1928 fruit of the union of two pucelano teams: the Spanish Sports Club and the Royal Sports Union. At the first board meeting it was agreed: “The new club will adopt a badge and a uniform different from those used until now by the two companies that are merging”.

The Spanish Sports Club wore red, while the Royal Sports Union did it in blue. One of the options that were considered was to use a Barça shirt, but nevertheless, the idea of ​​mixing both colors triumphed. A) Yes, it was decided that purple (the abode) would be the new color next to white, so that the Real Valladolid shirt was unique in Spain because no other team dressed in this way.


As usually happens, the modern football appeared to 'annoy’ great historical traditions. In the season 2019-2020, the pucelano team presented its new shirt and what should be purple, it was rather blue. Of course, the most purists did not try to express their indignation through social networks, with all the reason in the world.

Real Valladolid 2019-2020
Initial training of Real Valladolid 2019-2020, the least purple in history (Photo: Real Valladolid)

Anyway, what is clear is that the violet-white colors They are one of the hallmarks of the Valladolid club. Let's hope they stay for many years and that the brands respect the history and traditions of each team to the relief of the fans..


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