Predictions for the final of the Copa del Rey Bilbao vs. Barcelona

Predictions for the final of the Copa del Rey Bilbao vs. Barcelona
The best predictions for the final of the Copa del Rey. PHOTO: Brand

Bilbao vs. Barcelona F.C a duel like David vs. Goliath in the Copa del Rey final, a match that will decide many more things than the name of the tournament champion, for the Catalans there is much in dispute, the markets are on fire

Bilbao vs. Barcelona F.C betting recommendations

An almost unique possibility is coming for Barcelona F.C to redeem itself from a very difficult season, but nevertheless, those of Bilbao are not going to deliver glory easily and if they manage to impose on the Catalans, a major crisis is coming.

Bilbao Vs. Barcelona Copa del Rey Final Bet and Odds Operator with the best odds Bet here
Match winner Barcelona wins the match (2,5) Bet365 Add ticket
Final score Bilbao 1 – Barcelona 2 (5,3) Codere Add ticket
Goalscorer of the match Messi – 2 many (9,0) sports Add ticket

These are the odds at this precise moment, Nevertheless, could vary at any time depending on what happens in La Liga. There is a lot of tension for what a defeat of Barcelona would eventually imply.

The atmosphere prior to Bilbao vs. Barcelona for the Copa del Rey final

This is how Bilbao arrives

A victory for those led by Marcelino Garcia Toral would mean saving not only a mediocre season, but a very bad historical streak that haunts the team. Right now they are eleventh in the table and are more than 9 points of entering any European competition, With which, If you want to bring some glory to your fans this is the perfect opportunity. The only impediment is a Barcelona F.C that comes injured from Europe and that fights among the top three of the table to stay with La Liga.

This is how Barcelona F.C arrives

The once invincible Catalan team already knows the defeat in the final of the Copa del Rey, his last executioner was Valencia, that ended up plunging Barcelona into a crisis with his victory that season. Messi is not in his best moment, the last classic against Real Madrid F.C was proof that the team needs a generational replacement and although La Liga is not lost, it seems unlikely that the Catalans will prevail. The Copa del Rey could be a way to save a very difficult season, but Athletic Bilbao has never been easy.

The best predictions for the Copa del Rey final

The clash Bilbao vs. Barcelona F.C has a clear favorite, despite the fact that Athletic feels at home in Seville. It is clear that the bookmakers follow the same old pattern of putting all their chips on Goliath, but it is necessary to see if those of San Mamés produce the miracle.

  • Match winner: Barcelona F.C gana + 2,5
  • Final score: Athletic Bilbao 1 – Barcelona F.C 2 + 5,3
  • Goalscorer of the match: Lionel Messi – 2 many + 9,0

First prediction: Barcelona F.C will win the match

It is possibly the last final that Lionel Messi will captain Barcelona F.C, for the Catalans it is a matter of honor to dismiss one of their historical banners in the best possible way. The failure in Europe and the eventual failure in La Liga condition the Blaugrana team to go for everything in the match against Athletic Bilbao. This variable seems to be enough for the bookmakers and in general, bettors put their trust in a Catalan victory. These numbers could still change though.

Second production: Athletic Bilbao 1 – Barcelona F.C 2

Although the locality was never a variable of much weight in the final Copa del Rey, It is likely that Athletic Bilbao will have many problems to impose on Barcelona F.C, especially now that it is likely that their fans will not be able to accompany them from the stands. There is also the fact that those directed by García Toral, although they have scored a lot in this tournament, in La Liga their artillery seems not to work. Barcelona F.C, for its part, owes so much to its fans for what happened against Valencia, as with your captain, that I wish to say goodbye with a victory.

Third production: Messi will be the scorer of the match

Messi has not been doing well and that is not disputed by anyone. He is not the same figure as in previous seasons and fatigue is already beginning to affect his performance, but nevertheless, against Athletic Bilbao he has always been effective and in this final Copa del Rey his team needs him more than ever. For himself it is imperative to shine one last time before saying goodbye to the team in which he spent his entire sports career. Bettors for now give you their vote of confidence. But nevertheless, everything is yet to be said.

Frequently asked questions about the Copa del Rey final

Can the final Copa del Rey be seen by streaming?

Yes. In fact, several of the sports betting operators I mentioned earlier will have the event live on their streaming platforms, Nevertheless, It is important that you review in advance the conditions they are imposing to be able to tune into the Bilbao Vs match. Barcelona F.C.

Who will win the match Bilbao vs. Barcelona F.C?

The final King's Cup is still not played yet, so it could be said that either team could potentially win the title, but nevertheless, due to the symbolic importance that this match has for Barcelona F.C, everyone considers it to be ruled out that it will be an almost certain victory.

When will the Copa del Rey Final?

The final King's cup will take place next 17 April 2021. The match will start at 20:30 hours (Spain time).

Where will the Copa del Rey Final be played??

The match Athletic de Bilbao vs. Barcelona F.C will be played at the La Cartuja Stadium in the city of Seville.

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