Román Soto, the doorman who stopped 7 penalties in Racing-Sporting

Román Soto, the doorman who stopped 7 penalties in Racing-Sporting
Training of Sporting de Gijón in 1919. The goalkeeper 'parapenaltis' Román Soto appears in the center of the image.

Some time ago we told the story of party with the most penalties in the history of the Spanish League. Today we focus on one of friendliness held in 1921 in which still they had launched more and starring Román Soto.

The goalkeeper Sporting Gijon was able to stop 7 penalties of 8 he threw, something unusual. This event occurred in the Campos de Sport de El Sardinero and the opponent was the Racing de Santander. The architect of such nonsense was the santanderino referee Fermín Sánchez Álvarez.

The Sporting He had gone to Cantabrian capital invited to play a friendly match tribute to the aviator torrelaveguense Joaquín Cayón, present in it and it was a very popular figure in Spain at the time. In January of that year, the city council of his hometown had already dedicated a street and had become the quintessential Spanish aviator.

This tribute consisted of a football match between the host team, the Racing de Santander, and the Sporting Gijon. At the inception of a formal tribute it was made to that pilot. With regard to purely footballing, The meeting started very positively for the rojiblancos, stranglehold and Meana giving a game recital.


The referee in an absurd play A penalty for an alleged push forward a racinguista. The penalty threw the figure of the Cantabrian set, the international vizcaíno Francisco Pagazaurtundúa, the goalkeeper stopping him Román Soto, however the rebound fell at the feet of vizcaíno, opening the scoring. Few minutes later, the front gijonés Palacios, that years later would pass into history as the author of the first goal in the top flight Atletico Madrid, He tied the game at top center Corsino.

Five minutes later the referee signal another penalty. He returned to throw pagaza and stop copse, but the referee, He is alleging that he had entered the area one defender sportinguista, He commanded to repeat twice, back to stop both the gijonés cancerbero. That came to rest. With a tie to one with four stops and maximum penalties for goalkeeper rojiblanco.

The second half started as the first had ended. New penalty against Sporting what Romanian Send a corner. Fermín Sánchez rearranges repeat twice. The first is stopped by the goalkeeper and the second repetition is sent directly outside. It was the eighth penalty shot and tempers were really fired. Despite the scandalous refereeing the game ended tied at one goal.

FINAL Tangana

Just after meeting a real brawl between players and the referee sportinguistas and players he formed santanderinos. The scandal was huge and footballers Sporting They had to leave protected by the police before showing anger against them audiences El Sardinero, responsabilizándoles of violent moments that were experienced in the aforementioned clash between players of either team.

It was probably the largest and most brazen "theft" arbitral ever suffered by the team gijonés. Shortly after this meeting, the guardamenta Amado Soto Román, leave football, since along with his teammate Adolfo Trapp Junquera, the Spanish army would join when called up to fight in the war in Morocco. His two years of military life cut his career, and around war, He decided to devote himself to his business, dissociate themselves completely from any connection with football.

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