Selections that gave the surprise in a World Cup

Selections that gave the surprise in a World Cup
Who will be the surprises in the World Cup 2022? PHOTO:

The season 2022/2023 It will be the most peculiar season in recent years as it suffers a break on 11 November something that had not happened in history, to fit one of the most talked about events in recent months on all kinds of sports information and leisure platforms such as, the soccer world cup.

Without being exempt from football and non-football controversies, the one from Qatar, It is full of surprises from the beginning of the qualifying round to the end due to the absence of great teams from each continent such as Italy, Nigeria or Chile.

Besides that, it could be the end of a golden age of world football, and be one of the last appointments with his national team of players like Messi, Modric or Cristiano.

With the expectant fans already making their predictions of who will be the winner, or who the revolution team or who the selection of the World Cup failure, We will look in football history for the great World Cup surprises in the history of the tournament.

Greatest World Cup surprises in the history of the tournament

Uruguay – Brazil 1950

Uruguay broke all predictions in the final in Brazil 1950 playing against the host by proclaiming himself champion of the world of 1950.

Facing a Brazil that had Ademir in its ranks, top scorer of the tournament, already. despite already knowing what it was like to be world champion, the Uruguayans were not intimidated and came back with everything against goals from Schiaffino and Ghiggia on 1-0 that the Brazilian Friaça scored at the beginning of the second half.

Uruguay's victory is remembered for being the "Maracanazo

North Korea – England 1966

Paired in the group stage of the World Cup in England 1966 with the Soviet Union, (russia today), Italy and Chile, The Korean team, which was participating in a World Cup for the first time in its history, gave the bell after overcoming the group stage with a decisive victory against Italy by 1-0 and leaving the Italians out of the World Cup.

The Koreans' World Cup adventure against Portugal the first 45 minutes it seemed that it would continue since at the end of the first half they won by 2-3, but his journey would end at the end of the 90 minutes and closing Portugal its pass to the next round with a 5-3 final.

Morocco – Mexico 1986

On his second World Cup date, the Moroccan team had no luck in the distribution of teams in the group stage.

paired with Portugal, England and Poland, all the pools saw the African team as the first candidate to be eliminated and with almost no chance of leaving the last place in the group.

But as a soccer wise man says, this is played during 90 minutes, and until the referee whistles the end, anything can happen. And it happened.

This time, Morocco was the first African team to reach the round of 16 of a World Cup. Besides that, passed as group leader, undefeated and winning the last match against Portugal by 1-3, leaving the lusos eliminated.

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