Tsartas, Greek crack that came to Sevilla thanks to a waiter

Tsartas, Greek crack that came to Sevilla thanks to a waiter
Tsartas went deep among the fans of Seville based on goals and assists (el-sevillista.com)

Vassilis Tsartas was the great star of the Sevilla late 90. He came to the Sevillian set in a season 1996-1997 to forget as the team descended to Second Division but all in all this mess, the signing of the Greek was the little good that happened to the club in difficult this time.

that season 1996-1997 Sevilla's fans suffered terribly. Up to three coaches paraded down the bench without managing to avoid relegation. First Camacho, after Billiards and finally Julian Rubio they were left wanting to achieve permanence.

Within that disastrous sports planning a player shone like an oasis in the desert. Greek Vassilis Tsartas achievement 8 goals and their 24 years he was called to lead the Sevilla for several seasons. So it was. Despite the decline and having offers to leave, he remained in Seville discipline and achieved promotion two years later, being the true star of the team and the category..

Tsartas Seville
Tsartas became the star and the man to follow in the Second Division with the Sevilla shirt (Sport24)

La intrahistoria del fichaje de Tsartas por el Sevilla

But the signing of the Hellenic player was not because Seville's sports management had been following the player for a long time or anything like that.. According to the footballer himself in an interview with The country: “As the technicians told me, they came to Greece for Karapialis, who played at Olympiacos. And in a restaurant a waiter heard them, who told them to look at a guy from AEK. They went to see me and they signed me. The only thing I knew about Seville was where it was on the map and that Maradona had played there”.

Thanks to that tip from that waiter the Sevilla took control of a player who left his mark on the club and the fans. Four seasons, 140 league matches and 44 goals for a playmaker with tremendous quality. But nevertheless, a further decline in the campaign 1999-2000 and the serious crisis the club was going through forced his departure. He returned to Greece where he returned to be important in the AEK and won the Euro Cup with your team in your country in 2004.

Many colleagues of the Greek in his time at Sevilla complained that Tsartas he didn't run like them and he didn't defend. The subject was rooted out by the technician Marcos Alonso: “Are any of you capable of doing and contributing what Vassilis provides in attack? Well then I don't want to hear anybody's complaints again because they don't defend”.


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