The miracle of Belo Horizonte. When the US beat England

The miracle of Belo Horizonte. When the US beat England
The USA starred in one of the machadas in history by winning in Brazil 1950 to England for 1-0. Photo: FIFA.COM

The World Cup in Brazil ’50 was different and was marked by a party that went down in history that was baptized as ‘The miracle of Belo Horizonte‘. But also it was surrounded by many special circumstances.


To begin with, it was the first to be played after the end of the Second World War. In 1946 the FIFA decided to grant the organization of the World 1950 to Brazil, the only candidate since Europe had been practically devastated by the great war and others who had not participated in it as Spain, they lived in the most absolute poverty after the Civil War.

The decision was clear, Brazil would host a World Cup that would end with a bitter surprise for the hosts but that would leave more stories like the great feat of the USA, worthy of the best movie of Disney, since they were able to beat England, the inventors of football.

With a team made up of pot players, U.S was planted in the World Brazil 1950. The North American team was made up of a group of boys from all possible places in the world, who did not know each other until a few days before the World Cup began. While the English reached their first participation in a World Cup. Before, they had refused to participate as no team was considered worthy to play against them for having invented the game, and in that edition, they lowered them to earth twice, first the Americans and then the Spanish, But that is another story.


England brought to Brazil a generation of world figures such as Sir Stanley Matthews (first Ballon d'Or in history and with 41 years) and were surprised by an amateur team made up of, and sorry for the insistence, four ‘potters’.

The goalkeeper, Franck Borghi, I was a hearse driver, the scorer, a Haitian named Getjens, worked as a dishwasher in a Brooklyn restaurant. With that scenario, before the game the English rubbed their hands.

Obviously the regulations and the means were not the same as today, thus facilitating these cases as they showed up to play with an Italian goalkeeper, a Belgian defender, a Briton and a Haitian among many others. Shortly after, the FIFA it was even proposed to annul that result when discovering France Football this whole situation but in the end it didn't. The party went down in history as ‘The miracle of Belo Horizonte ’.

In case you lacked little to consider the American victory as a miracle, pre-match bets were placed 500 a 1, so that, if it occurred to someone to invest a good amount for the Americans, that day he became a millionaire. USA won him by 1-0 a England in what was his only championship win (He lost to Spain Y Chile) and it went big, as the Americans like it and did not play a World Cup event again until 40 years later, in 1990.

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