The biggest win in World Cup history

The biggest win in World Cup history
Hungary achieved the biggest win in the history of the world so far to endorse a 10-1 El Salvador in the World Cup in Spain 82 (Photo:

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It happened 15 June 1982. Hungary which he is managed, Until now, the biggest win in World Cup history in a match that pitted him The Savior at World Cup Spain '82.

The match was played in the Martinez Valero in Elche and Hungarians had no mercy on his weak opponent in a match that went down in history and whose result, Even today, no selection has surpassed.


But nevertheless, If we analyze some circumstances in which the Salvadoran team arrived in this World Championship, It can justify a little more defeat. The Savior qualified for the World Spain when the country was plunged into civil war. They had many difficulties getting to play friendly matches to prepare and often were interrupted training.

The Football Federation of El Salvador, due to economic problems, He sent only to 20 players who, also, were the last to arrive in Spain, just three days before his debut against Hungary. rival did not know almost nothing and had to buy a video from a full game to see the selection action to which they would face.

Hungary 10 The Savior 1
The scorekeepers the Martinez Valero had a lot of work that day (Photo:

The biggest win in World Cup history went mostly forged as they moved the minutes Salvadoran players, those who did not lack enthusiasm, they were fatigued by the lack of experience of playing games highly competitive. In fact, break of the match came with a score of 'single’ 3-0 for Hungary.


By Hungarians they were accomplished two Hattricks. One of Potter and other Kiss. Also they marked Sagittarius twice, Y bedbugs Szentes. Zapata He was the author of consolation goal for The Savior.

curiously, Hungary It would be eliminated since only won this match but lost 4-1 against Argentina and he tied against Belgium in the last match of the first phase. Meanwhile, The Savior had two games more than worthy with which ended his participation in the championship, falling 1-0 against the Belgians and 2-0 against Maradona's Argentina nothing more and nothing less.

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  1. You're right, was a golden opportunity for those reasons and others could no longer take advantage, hence the world met “magical” González, Salvadoran best player of that era, It was an accident that we paid dearly, disorganization, lack of experience and the conflict was secondary, I attended several warm up games and it was quite normal. I think we never will remove those 10 goals. Greetings from El Salvador .

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