The real Madrid 1995-96, the worst in modern history

The real Madrid 1995-96, the worst in modern history
The real Madrid 1995-96 it was a real failure. PHOTO: Real Madrid Stories

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The Real Madrid 1995-96 it was a real ruin. A set that is remembered as the worst at least in the modern history of the white set. And it is that that season between the middle and the end of the 90, it was a cluster of horrors that led to an unusual event at that time and which at this time is almost almost impossible, stay out of europe. Almost nothing.

The real Madrid 1995-96, one of the worst in the history of the white club

At that time, football was not what it was today and neither was Real Madrid but still, the white box was one of the 2 great of the League and the fact of not qualifying even to play European competition was a real nonsense and shameless for the club. It is true that the European competitions before and the scales to qualify were different, but Real Madrid always had to choose to win the title and finishing sixth was a disgrace, not playing in European competition was already the auction.

Especially when that squad had just won the League the previous season. And it is that from the hand of Valdano and with Zamorano and Amavisca in star plan, Michael Laudrup, Fernando Redondo, Iron, Luis Enrique, Michel when he was still a Real Madrid player and a recently appeared Raúl, the whites had brilliantly won the season 1994-95. With the same players and some reinforcements that did not add, they stuck it the following year.

Mendoza's reinforcements were a disaster

Maybe it was because the debt was tightening, maybe because Ramón Mendoza, the white president of the time, He thought that he already had enough level with a team that had just been champion or perhaps due to a lack of decent sports planning but the truth is that none of the reinforcements that arrived added. Although they weren't bad either.

A) Yes, Freddy Rincón arrived who was one of the best Colombian players of the moment, but his career as a Madrid player was a fiasco and one of the fat ones. It was also re-caught Juan Esnáider who they had signed almost as a teenager and had had a successful journey at Real Zaragoza on loan from the madridistas where he had scored a lot of goals and had been proclaimed champion of the Recopa 94-95.

Another of the signings was Miquel Soler a war veteran who had gone through all the big teams in the League and who ended that season badly due to a matter of a renewal clause for matches that he did not comply with despite being a starter because he was removed from the lineups at the end precisely to not fulfilling it and earning one more year of contract.

Real Madrid 1995-96
Ramón Mendoza with Miquel Soler and Esnáider, two of his signings from the 95-96. PHOTO: Real Madrid stories

But the height of nonsense was the signing of Rambo Petkovic at the winter market. An unknown player who spent several years in the discipline of the club on loan to Sevilla and Racing de Santander where he did not play for many minutes either..

Until 3 coaches and 2 presidents at Real Madrid 1995-96

What makes an idea of ​​the horror that was that season is that until 3 coaches sat on the madridista bench: Jorge Valdano, Vicente Del Bosque who was the bridge and the veteran Arsenio Iglesias the season is over. There was also a change in the presidency. Mendoza resigned in November 1995 and Lorenzo Sanz took office, who months later would win the elections and begin to rebuild the Real Madrid that won the League the following year, the year of the League of stars Y 2 Champions until his departure in the 2000.

It was the farewell of Michel and Luis Enrique

that season 95-96 it was also that of Michel's farewell who left for Mexico to play in the Atlético Celaya with Butragueño that had come out a year before. The Madrid legend said this after more than a decade and a half of his career in the first team and he did so by kissing the grass of the Santiago Bernabéu in an image that remained for the legend.

Real Madrid 1995-96
The image of Michel giving a kiss to the Bernabéu lawn was remembered. PHOTO: AS

The other sounded farewell was that of Luis Enrique who did not reach an agreement with the Madrid club and went to Barcelona, the eternal rival, where he later became a symbol as a player and later as a coach.

The best, the debut of the canteranos

As a positive part of that year, It was the season in which we saw players like Guti make their debut with the first Madrid team, Alvaro Benito, Fernando Sanz, Gómez and García Calvo with the white first team and with Raúl, they formed a cadre of very interesting young players.

Real Madrid 1995-96
The quarry made its way into the season 95-96. PHOTO: Real Madrid Magazine


The worst Real Madrid in modern history

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