Míchel Salgado entry Juninho that marked the career of the Brazilian

Míchel Salgado entry Juninho that marked the career of the Brazilian
This wild attack from Salgado to Junhinho could cost the Brazilian his career. And the side didn't even see the yellow. PHOTO: capture Youtube

In the summer of 1997 a talented Brazilian footballer came to Atletico Madrid from the Middlesbrough English. The signing of Juninho (along with others like and the Italian Vieri) She filled with enthusiasm to the parish rojiblanca, but nevertheless, a rough input Míchel Salgado He cut short the career of Brazilian.

Performance Juninho in the Premier League surprised friends and strangers. A skilled player so small and it would not be easy in English football of late 90 where direct and physical game were the daily bread. But nevertheless, the talented midfielder managed to stand out and their performance was more than good which helped him to sign for Atletico Madrid after drop Middlesbrough.

With the World Cup France '98 just around the corner, Juninho He not wants to risk his presence on the world stage playing in the English second division. The offer Athletic It was very interesting because, as he himself explained, Radomir Antic I wanted to have him on his team. We can not forget that Atletico had won doublet for a couple of seasons and the intention was to compete for all.

Junhinho was one of the best in the League until the injury

The first 6 months Juninho Calderon at the club were brilliant. The playmaker was the best of the competition in this start to the season but everything was cut short one 1 February 1998 coinciding with the visit of Atletico Madrid Balaidos Stadium to face Celta Vigo.

In a play party, Juninho He faced only goal and Míchel Salgado, vigués defense, He conducted a brutal entry without any chance of reaching the ball. The Brazilian was lying on the pitch and had to be replaced. severe ankle injury with an estimated recovery time 5 months so its presence in the world was in serious danger.

Although the Brazilian managed to shorten the time and had a medical discharge in three months, the coach 'canarinha’ He decided to leave it out. further, since that kick Míchel Salgado, Juninho and he did not return to be the same. The Athletic he gave several teams (back to Middlesbrough with whom he won the League Cup, he played Celtic de Glasglow and even he had an experience in the Australian league).

World Champion with Brazil in 2002

Finally the great footballer who had it all to mark an epoch in the Atletico Madrid he managed to play and win World in 2002 thus pulling the thorn of 1998. In fact, their participation was quite remarkable as he played the first four games of the championship and had one minute to the final between Brazil and Germany.

After many years, Juninho It maintains that there has been neither forgive nor forget this entry Míchel Salgado which he determined both his career. In the following video we can see an excerpt from his interview Maldini fever in which it takes a look at all these issues.

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