Real Sporting Gijon, the oldest red and white shirt of Spain

Real Sporting Gijon, the oldest red and white shirt of Spain
One of the formations of the Real Sporting (Photo:

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Which is the Spain's oldest red and white jersey? When one is named Atletico, They will come to head several teams in the Spanish League as Athletic Club de Bilbao, the Atletico Madrid one he Real Sporting Gijon. But nevertheless, of the set is Asturias the oldest in Spain because this club has used since its founding, In contrast to the rest of 'rivals’ sharing colors.

The oldest red and white jersey in Spain

The Real Sporting Gijon It was founded in August 1905 and since its inception wore the red and white shirt, flag colors Gijon. The zamarra of the set has remained unchanged Spaniard over the years and is, so, the oldest red and white jersey of our football.

Other teams like rojiblancos Athletic Club de Bilbao and the Atletico Madrid which they were founded in 1898 Y 1902 respectively, that is to say, before Sporting Gijon, They wore these colors not until years later. History has a funny story.

The Athletic Club de Bilbao and Atlético de Madrid jersey

The Athletic Club, founded in 1898 as we stated above, It began with a half blue uniform, half-white, the image and likeness of the Blackburn Rovers English, to which some executives bought the club t-shirts. These were used for Atletico Madrid in its origins. Since the whole of the capital was founded in 1902 for a Basque students living in Madrid. Both they played with blue shorts and blue socks during these years.

Athletic Club de Bilbao
Athletic Club de Bilbao that managed to win the Cup in Spain 1902-1903 (Photo: Football teams)

It was in 1910 when Juan Elorduy He traveled to England with a mission to buy 50 Blue and white shirts both Athletic Club and for their relatives in Madrid. But nevertheless, stockouts caused Elorduy had to return empty-handed. Already in the port Southampton, before embarking path Bilbao, He had the opportunity to buy 50 T a very good quality. yes, rojiblancas, he looked like the team that city.

The one from Real Sporting, The oldest

That was how both Athletic Club As the Atletico Madrid They changed their colors of their shirts to red and white 5 years after the existence of the Real Sporting Gijon that was its original shirt. The Bilbao group also decided to change his blue shorts and blue socks by black, which it is preserved to this day, Meanwhile he Athletic He happened to have the red and white shirt but He kept his pants and blue socks, as today.

Thus the Sporting, to the contrary to what many may think, It has the oldest red and white shirt that is still used today for the pride of your hobby.

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