The goal average of the Spanish League could change and unite to the other European leagues

The goal average of the Spanish League could change and unite to the other European leagues
The Spanish League and playoff particular standard (Photo: Twitter @vintage_stats)

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It is one of the possible modifications that are on the table both LaLiga and the RFEF. The tiebreaker system prevailing in the Spanish football continues to be based on the goal average and particularly not in the general, as in most of the other European leagues.

Nowadays, in case of a tie on points between two teams at the end of season, They are taking into account the direct clashes between the sets in question. But nevertheless, in countries like England O Italy what prevails is the goal difference (for and against) over all matches of the competition.

The system goal average general It seems the fairest and a league is the regular tournament par excellence and it seems more logical that a team exceeds another in the event of a tie for having had a better goal difference pros and cons along the tournament not to have succeeded in beating his rival in the two games he has faced only two.

But nevertheless, This peculiarity the Spanish league It has many defenders who believe it is the best though, personally, we favor the general average before special because it encourages teams continue to compete and do not give up at any party much that defeat is safe.

The goal average has decided promotions, descents and even leagues

further, Nor is it only fair that the goal average particular you can decide promotions, declines or even the champions for a goal in a game played in Week 7, 9 O 13 (say something) without realizing the two teams faced at that time that could be decisive at the end of season.

The history of the Spanish league is full of cases where the outcome would have been totally different tiebreaker with a system equal to other European leagues as explained very well in this other article. These are some of the most striking:

  • 1945-1946: League champion had been the Athletic Club instead of Valencia CF.
  • 1970-1971: The Barça it would have been champions instead of the Valencia CF.
  • 1975-1976: In that season CD Málaga He would have avoided the descent and would have fallen on Granada.
  • 1976-1977: A campaign in which the Valencia UEFA had entered instead of Las Palmas.
  • 1977-1978: It would have fallen on hércules CF instead of the Real Betis.
  • 2006-2007: That year the champion would have been the FC Barcelona and not the Real Madrid.

We'll see if the leaders of Spanish football take the step to match the playoff system to the other European leagues or continue business as usual.

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