The Spanish League football fans would like to have

The Spanish League football fans would like to have
The changes that the Spanish League needs (Photo: Brand)

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Some time ago we have resigned and somehow we left a little aside modern football. But nevertheless, one is a romantic and still maintains the hope that the Spanish league I could recover the lost essence so I would like to raise a number of changes more than necessary.

First I want to say I'm no fool and I know that is totally utopian return to football we inherited from our parents and grandparents. But from there to the outrages fans who are living in recent years there is a stretch and I think a compromise is possible.


The first point to be corrected is the fact that there are no midweek games (except for one day to match the tight schedule). It is unacceptable that fans of a team buy their season tickets without knowing when your team is going to play so the draw for the parties should also be made and set all the dates to know in advance.

In the case of First division (and also the Monday) It would be interesting to make a game open on Saturday night and one payment (the actual 'Partidazo') Sunday night. The rest of the day should be played on Sunday afternoon at the same time. ¿Really much to ask? Of course, teams that will compete in European competitions would have to play their matches on Saturday evening the week in question.

Surely the leaders of our football will say that this is unfeasible but something quite similar is done in other leagues that even generate more income than the Spanish league (as in the case of Premier League) Also I do not think that television revenues go down, Unlike so I explain below.

Instead of 'prostitute’ football today offering all games for a bargain price, I would encourage every fan had the opportunity to acquire all matches of his team in pay TV. Do they think that existing customers pay 10 € a month for all parties the Spanish league and they would be sidelined with only your favorite team? Do you really believe that the solution is that the matches are played at one or two o'clock in the afternoon to be reconcilable all day? Crazy.


Except for some rare and rare exceptions, the current price of a ticket for a match the Spanish league It is shameful. It is unacceptable that the cheapest ticket for either party 30, 40 O 50 euros (in the best case). This must be stopped or the stadiums will be empty and people will stay home to watch it on TV… Or is what they want some? In Germany can be seen Bundesliga games for 10 €, for example.

I can not get my head the ticket price multiplied by football 4 O 5 (I repeat, in the best case) a movie ticket, theater or other arts and that I do think football art and artists both footballers. Football is the people and must return it to amateur, it can never be a luxury that few can afford because it is not their essence or was created for it, Rather the complete opposite.

COPA DEL REY A single party

Again, the English model is the one that should be taken as example. The Copa del Rey many years has ceased to be of interest to the hobbyist in general as it is a bed of roses to always reach the same for the last few rounds ago. Even so, there are still isolated cases with humble give some surprise teams.

A Copa del Rey from only home team lower category in the early rounds and round trip only from the quarterfinals. Thus the competition would be much more fair and attractive to all teams and entertaining for fans. By the way, all teams second B Y Third division participate in it (obviously they should begin the playoffs between them soon enough to give time for all qualifying play).


All these ideas are nothing more than a desperate attempt to that the Spanish league regains its essence. That football is the weekly time when you go to the stadium with friends and / or family to have a good time without having to juggle because the game is played on a Tuesday at 21:30 hours or on a Saturday at 14:00. Without having to stop traveling to see their team away from home because between gasoline, the entrance, the sandwich and refreshment average salary is left, etc.

Let's hope sanity returns and lenghty football.





Javier Argudo

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