Sasa Curcic: “I spent all my money on cocaine, prostitutes and Alcohol”

Sasa Curcic: “I spent all my money on cocaine, prostitutes and Alcohol”
Sasa Curcic in his time at Aston Villa (Birmingham Mail)

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The football world is full of stories and offset Players who do not know how to control and manage success earning fortune. This time we analyze the history of one of the largest “golfos” which he came to retire with only such 29 nauseated years the world of the ball and whose life has been full of excesses. Your name: Sasa Curcic.

Born in the former Yugoslavia in 1972 He got to make debut with the national team with only 19 years and was called to be a benchmark. Its high quality and vision of play made him one of the most promising Balkan football but ended up crashing.

He began his career in the OFK de Belgrado and soon he joined the Partizan where he excelled and made the leap to the Premier League to play for Bolton. In his native country he gave to talk and starred in more than a spree to remember something being spent fortunes grew upon arrival in the British Isles.

At Bolton It became the best player in the team. But nevertheless, despite his good performances, the club descended to second division which was signed by the Aston Villa where he played his friend and compatriot Milosevic (who later would wear the shirt of Real Zaragoza, Celta and Osasuna among others) with which already he agreed Partizan and became one of his protectors in the future as we will discuss later.

Sasa Curcic, alcohol, drugs and prostitutes

The 12.000 Weekly pounds earned in the whole of Birmingham you just came to pay all their vices. On one occasion he even hired a bus full of prostitutes for some players and friends. Of course, never missed drugs and alcohol, something that has always accompanied Sasa Curcic throughout his life.

Sasa Curcic junto a Milosevic y Kovacevic
Curcic with two old acquaintances of Spanish football. Milosevic and Kovacevic. Both were important in his life when he lost everything and had to live on the street (Brand)

His experience in the Villa was short, especially after falling out with coach. The Crystal Palace It was his next destination where everything got worse. In London he began to alternate with Robbie Williams and the party and the gap has been increasing. Despite all his performances on the pitch were brilliant at times which earned him the affection of the fans club. He became famous at this stage for demonstrating against the UN intervention in Serbia during the Kosovo war.

Retirement and Big Brother

The adventure ended in England and joined New York Red Bull. Once again, Upon arrival in the Big Apple sought a partner to play, Dennis Rodman. Mythical were their feasts and again the lag and lack of control that had accompanied him all his life.

Shortly after, with only 29 years and after playing in the Motherwell Scottish and the Obilic of his country, He hung up his boots and went into a spin. As he explained in an autobiographical book: “I spent all the money I won in football in drugs, prostitutes and alcochol. I was on the street, yes, I was a vagrant and I became a month without showering”.

But nevertheless, luck changed Sasa Curcic he received help from his friend Milosevic to leave the street. He had the opportunity to participate in the “reality” Big Brother in his country and was the winner so he got the money to pay their debts and rebuild their lives. nose and teeth was operated, who they had suffered the excesses of his bad life. Currently she lives of its holdings in television programs in his country.


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