Leo Beenhakker on Cruyff: “I should have stuck fist in front of the television cameras”

Leo Beenhakker on Cruyff: “I should have stuck fist in front of the television cameras”
Johan Cruyff and Leo Beenhakker at Ajax bench (Fociologus)

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Leo Beenhakker It is one of the great technicians who gave Dutch football. With Rinus Michels as a reference, his greatest successes obtained in the ower Ajax Y Real Madrid. Just today rescued a funny story that happened to him in the first stage 'ajacied'. Not wasted.

The 30 November 1980 the Ajax received the Twente in a corresponding match of the day 14. Locals were the reigning Eredivisie but they were not very fine at that time and there were some doubts about the coach, Leo Beenhakker. The meeting started well with a goal from free kick ahead to set the red stripe starting soon.

But nevertheless, things started to go wrong and visitors got 3 goals in just 6 minutes. With 1-3 on the scoreboard he painted very bad thing. That was when a spectator fancy sitting in the stands of the stadium made an appearance. Johan Cruyff, I was in the final stretch of his adventure in the United States as part of the Washington Diplomats, He did not think a minute and went to the bench of Ajax. logically, Leo Beenhakker and the rest of the audience could not believe what was happening.

Leo Beenhakker Y Johan Cruyff

The legendary Dutch footballer began instructing local players while the audience went wild with it. The atmosphere in the stadium changed radically and quickly came 2-3 the stroke of half. The smell was stronger comeback every time something was corroborated in part by the arrival of the minute tie 72.

Johan Cruyff the luxury of changing position several players allowed. A) Yes, It came suddenly 4-3 (thanks to a gift from Twente goalkeeper) and the final 5-3. Spectators shouted for joy in the stands. The players of both teams did not seem the same since Leo Beenhakker He had been relegated to the background by the star 'Clockwork Orange'.

His presence on the bench has not been a problem”

logically, After the meeting, coach Ajax was asked by the press about the matter occurred minutes earlier with Cruyff and participation in the game. In the first moment, Leg chopper He tried to downplay and was most courteous: “We talked together to try to trace the meeting. His presence on the bench has not been a problem”.

But nevertheless, This politically correct speech substantially changed years later: “I still feel not having hit a punch at that time in front of television cameras”. Like is logic, that day Johan Cruyff made evident the coach who held the position and figure was badly damaged but was able to complete a successful career as we said at the beginning of the article.


Johan and he left clear in his time as player who would be a tremendous coach, as it were. After that he still had time to return to Spain and wear the shirt of Levante In addition to playing at Ajax itself (withthe who won two league titles) and another season in the Feyernoord with which won the double (League and Cup) retreating through the front door.

Meanwhile, Leg chopper left the Ajax in 1981 to sign the Real Zaragoza where he remained for 3 and a half seasons. The set of La Romareda, although it did not obtain any title in that time period, It was characterized by practicing good football and attractive, true to the style of Dutch coach. At Real Madrid, he coached during 4 seasons, got 3 Suspenders, 1 Cup and 1 Supercopa. His big thorn was one of Leagues lost Tenerife with him on the bench.

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