The best pages about soccer retro and modest find internet

The best pages about soccer retro and modest find internet
Retro football and modest both miss (Photo: Mikasa)

Last update January 2, 2020 by Javier Argudo

Much to say, retro, modest football still much pull. Nostalgia for times past and experiences of many fans do exist increasingly number of pages, online magazines and social networking accounts this subject of many may think.

Far from absurd rivalries, in FUTBOLRETRO.ES we intend to make a list of some of the best pages and accounts dealing retro and vintage football and that other football every week is held around the world away from the media spotlight and circus mounted today in professional football.

First of all, apologize to all those that do not appear here and they sure do a great job. Of course, This list remains open for any suggestions or recommendations and can be extended and modified without any problems. Let's go there.


A benchmark for some of us. The way they treat football, their elaborate articles and reports and the fact that it can continue to purchase paper at the newsstand to the delight of all his faithful readers make it indispensable in this list.

Web page:

Twitter: @RevistaPanenka


Another reference for all of us. His Twitter account and Facebook page are 100% recommended. Great selection of vintage photos especially the Spanish Football League.


Twitter: @Olympia_Vintage


One of our sisters pages. Network takes many years and is one of the most important in Spain with a great retro soccer treatment. Good quality reporting and above all. Another big we could not recommend this article.

Web page:

Twitter @colgadosfutbol


One of the best accounts of old football find Twitter. An exquisite treatment when choosing recover photos and videos of matches 'floats'. Other 100% Recommended if you like football yesterday mostly Spanish.

Twitter: @futbolcarroz to

Eibar – SESTAO… X

One of the best. And the name of the account is absolutely top and the content of your tweets, photos and publications in all kinds of great social networks. Reports and threads on retro modest and most interesting football and a personal treatment 10 make it imperative.

Twitter: @eibarsestaoX



“A place to remind athletes through their trading cards”. And what if it does. Both his Twitter account as on your website and facebook can evoke a bygone era remembering those trading cards that we both liked to collect when we were small and not so small.

Twitter: @SitioMisCromos

Web page:


In this select list sneaks a special account as it focuses almost exclusively on past histories to remember a single club: historical and disappeared UD Salamanca. He says it's nothing more than a humble personal blog but it seems to us much more than that. Luxury items and nostalgic soulful written with heart.

Twitter: @DdMiGradaVieja

Web page:


And the account name makes us feel butterflies in the stomach. Anecdotes soccer 90 Y 2000, good articles and interviews make this account one of the most interesting both Twitter and Facebook. Of course also it includes stories legendary game that changed our lives.

Twitter: @ PCfútbol

Web page:


Of course here we can not leave out this great Youtube channel. A benchmark for which we are dedicated to find and write about stories retro football. In Proceedings of the Football you'll find countless anecdotes, stories, legendary players, rankings… all this through the best images with both high quality video editing and content.

Twitter: @Memorias_Futbol

Web page:


Not be the last of this list is it less important or much less. Web and fully recommended twitter account and references for those who like this type of football and write about it. Thousands of anecdotes and stories of those wonderful years that you can not stop reading often with a touch of humor.

Twitter: @renaldinhos

Web page:


Another account dedicated to vintage trading cards that should be present in this list. Large selection of trading cards that leads us to times of our childhood and makes us remember those nice big times when we were happy changing and playing with our friends.

Twitter: @ CromosVintage84


Twitter account in line with a previous retro look at football and the players who scored the kids of 90. further, It offers a touch of humor more than necessary. His bio leaves us well clear of what this: “Telefunken football, noventero football, transistor, camping and knee injuries…”

Twitter: @ F11Telefunken



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