Big withdrawal Johan Cruyff Feyenoord

Big withdrawal Johan Cruyff Feyenoord
Cruyff shoulders in his farewell as a player active in the Feyenoord (

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As always I write about this player I must admit that I am not at all objective and I feel a special weakness for him as a player and coach. Although I am aware that it was not perfect and that his career also had shadows, we must recognize that even the withdrawal of Johan Cruyff was colossal.

Needless to say that Johan was an idol and Legend Ajax Amsterdam. Not in vain, the stage of the Dutch team currently bears his name since the death of the legendary football player and coach tulip. But nevertheless, his relationship with the club (or rather with your policy) It was not the best in the final stages of his playing career.

But to fully understand all this should matter a few years back in time to contextualize the story well. After 5 great seasons in the FC Barcelona, Cruyff he devoted himself to making his fortune in the United States where he played in Los Angeles Aztecs and the Washington Diplomats. After two seasons in the Americas still had time to surprise friends and strangers with his move to Levante UD Spanish Second Division in him that he played half a season in 1981.

After these years “rare” in which it seemed that the Dutch crack was on its last legs, he got the chance to return to the Ajax. With 35 years, the myth came home and, to the surprise of many, He did it in good shape. Despite his age, She managed to add two new league titles for his team. But that was when the club policy was disappointed not offering the renewal of the contract.

The withdrawal of Johan Cruyff

Cruyff, tremendously humiliated and enraged he could think of nothing else to sign for Feyernoord, his eternal rival. The news, It was a cold shower for the fans of the Ajax I did not understand as their big star would wear the shirt of the enemy.

In the first clash between the two teams Johan Cruyff he suffered, surely, the most humiliating defeat of his career. A Ajax I estramotivado annihilated the Feryenoord for sonrojante 8-2. It was the end of a myth… o no.

Not only we will avenge this defeat but we will be champions league and cup”

The first thing Johan at the end of the game was up the ante: “Not only we will avenge this defeat but we will be champions league and cup”. These words sounded like those of an old man who begins to rave, even taking into account the Feyenoord He wore 10 years without a league title that had divided the Ajax and the PSV with a small intrusion of the Alkmaard.

It turns out that the Feyenoord, led by an old Johan Cruyff and a very young Ruud Gullit, got the double, as he had promised his big star, who hung up his boots at the end of that season 1983-1984 and he was taken on the shoulders of his teammates and cheered by the fans “enemy”.

Cruyff and Gullit
Two Dutch football legends like Gullit and Cruyff agreed Feyenoord (As)

After that, coinciding with the change of policy in the Ajax, Cruyff he returned to the club he loves to succeed as coach, which helped him to make the leap to FC Barcelona where he continued to reap success and making history as one of the best technicians who are remembered.

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