Luis Suarez, the first and only Golden Ball born in Spain

Luis Suarez, the first and only Golden Ball born in Spain
Luis Suarez receives the Golden Ball at the hands of the director of France Football (The voice of Galicia)

It is one of the Best Spanish Soccer Players in History. Luis Suarez Miramontes (Corunna, 2 May 1935) It was one of the stars of European football in the early 60. After highlighting the Deportivo de La Coruña, triumphed in the FC Barcelona and especially in the Inter de Milan where he is a legend.

As we say, Luis Suarez He began in his hometown. At Depor, the young midfielder showed he was called to do very important things in European football. Was the Barça which he managed to sign him in the year 1954. In The set culé he stayed for 7 seasons in which he managed 2 Suspenders, 2 Cups of Spain 2 Holiday Cups. Their participation was essential for that team will end the hegemony of Real Madrid of Alfredo Di Stéfano.

Was in the year 1960 when Luis Suarez He was awarded the Golden Ball Best European Footballer of the Year. As the player himself has said on occasion, at the time the prize was not surrounded by galas, ceremonies or anything like that. The director of the magazine France Football he handed the trophy before a game in Camp Nou and did an interview. Nothing else.

Luis Suarez Inter Milan

One year later, in 1961, midfielder signed for Inter de Milan of Helenio Herrera (that he had trained at the club a few years earlier) being the first Spanish in playing to reach the Italian league. The Italian club paid for him 250.000 liras, the most expensive signing in history at that time. Luis Suarez It becomes the sole owner of interista center field and while maintaining their offensive conditions and that final pass, learn to defend and sacrifice for the team in turnovers recovery efforts.

It is the time of best Inter history. In the 10 years in which the Spanish footballer plays for club win 3 Suspenders, 2 European Cups and 2 Intercontinentales. That team was known as the 'Grande Inter’ in which, in addition to ‘Luisito’ Suarez militated other greats like Course, Facchetti O Sandro Mazzola.

Grande Inter
Formation of the 'Grande Inter’ In the season 1963-1964. Luis Suarez crouch in the center of the image (Pinterest)

Besides of Golden Ball of 1960, The Spanish player was Silver Ball in 1961 Y 1964 Y Bronze Ball in 1965 in addition to being nominated 8 years in a row (since 1958 a 1965), leaving perfectly clear continuity of the brain and authentic architect team neroazzurro. In fact, They are many voices say Luis Suarez He deserved a trophy but the fact of not wanting to repeat winner deprived of such a privilege.

The successes of the protagonist of this article focused not only at club level. Luis Suarez He was present at the first great achievement of the Spanish football team, Euro 1964 the Spanish team won as host. He played all in 32 scoring occasions 13 goals. Definitely, one of the biggest Spanish football, perhaps by the fact that he played many years abroad, He has not received the recognition it deserves.


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