Euro 1964: The first great success of the Spanish team

Euro 1964: The first great success of the Spanish team
The teams from Spain and the USSR jump onto the pitch with the refereeing trio (Photo: jotdown)

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The Spanish team was able to dominate Europe and the world between the years 2008 Y 2012. The first bright generation directed by Luis Aragones and then by Vicente del Bosque He was able to win two European Championships (2008 Y 2012) and World (2010). But nevertheless, the first great success Spain It occurred in the Euro 1964 whose finals took place in our country.

At that time the country was under the rule of dictator Francisco Franco which had done the unspeakable to the finals of this European Championship will be played in Spain. Finally it did, and the Camp Nou and the Santiago Bernabeu They harbored the semis and the final, a kind of 'Final Four’ which came Spain, Hungary, Denmark and the USSR. Before that, Spaniards had eliminated Romania, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

It came the big moment and the team led by Villalonga He was able to eliminate a complicated Hungary in extra time with a goal by Amancio what did he do 2-1 definitive. Before they had marked Pereda for Spanish and Well for Hungarians. The USSR fulfilling beating Denmark so the great enemy of the regime would be the last hurdle to be crowned European champions at home.

The match, as you can imagine, It was announced as more than a football match. The call by the Franco regime the Spanish people was more like a military enlistment. Not in vain, 4 years earlier Spain He had renounced the communist country to attend the finals of the European Championship which was a big ridiculous worldwide. Now it was time to put things in place.

The final will be played on a Santiago Bernabeu totally full. Nail 120.000 people packed the stands among which were Franco (His presence was in doubt because they wanted to avoid had to deliver the trophy to the Soviet captain), his wife Carmen Polo and princes Don Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia.

The goal of MARCELINO

The USSR He had a formidable team with players like Voronin, Ivanov O Lev Yashin. The latter has the honor of being the only goalkeeper who has achieved Golden Ball in all history. Of course, is one of the best goalkeepers of all time. Meanwhile, Spain He formed with a lineup that would happen to history: Iribar, Rivilla, Olivella, Calleja, Zoco, Fusté, Amancio, Pereda, Marcelino, Luis Suarez and Carlos Lapetra.

Spain Euro 1964
Starting lineup of Spain in the final of Euro 1964 (Photo: the mirror)

Spain He started well and took the lead 6 minutes into the game with a goal Pereda. But nevertheless, the visitors got the equalizer just two minutes later. It was in the final stretch, in the minute 84 when the historic goal came Marcelino who headed in a center Pereda from the right. Should emphasize the author of the pass because in the images projected by the NO-DO is Amancio who focuses. Apparently, TV Franco had to mount the video as it will not close completely recorded. Fortunately, other televisions did manage to record the action.

Thus, that Euro 1964 it was for Spain getting his first title. Spanish fans had to wait until 2008 to see his team build a new trophy Fernando Torres's goal in the final against Germany. But that, It is another story.


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